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Finish Line / unknowing subscription to sports illustrated

1 2201 Lloyd CenterPortland, OR, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 503-281-1426

In April 2009 I bought a pair of athletic shoes for my teenager. I used my debit card (attached to my checking account) to pay for the purchase. I was not told that I was being signed up for a free trial subscription to Sports Illustrated AND Sports Illustrated Kids.

I noticed a charge on my checking account and found out that Finish Line used my debit card to sign me up for these subscriptions. I looked at the receipt after I discovered this. It does indicate on the receipt that I have a free trial offer to both subscriptions but there is not a contact number to cancel the subscriptions on the receipt. And, again, I was not informed of the subscription, asked if I wanted the subscription or told that I would have to call and cancel the subscription.

Unfortunately, after the purchase I never looked at the receipt until this issue came up. I contacted the store on 7/10/09 and asked to speak to the manager. I was directed to a customer service number instead of being addressed by the manager of the store. I called the customer service number and said I wanted to make a complaint. I was then told that my information would be passed to someone else who would then contact me at a later date.

I contacted Sports Illustrated via the phone number that appeared with the charge on my checking account. I then cancelled BOTH subscriptions. It was actually Sports Illustrated who told me that I was signed up by Finish Line.

Buyer Beware! I want as many people as possible to know this company is practicing in suspect tactics so no one else will be a victim and have their checking account charged for something they knew nothing about. I'm shopping with cash only from now on.

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  9th of Dec, 2009
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I had the same thing happen to me. I made a purchase at the Town Center finish line in Leawood, KS on 11/5/09 and on 11/19/09 my subscription to sports illustrated was started without my knowledge or consent. When I contacted sports illustrated they informed me that finish line automatically enrolls customers in sports illustrated subscriptions when they make a purchase in their store. Sports illustrated read my entire debit card number off to me that finish line had given them, and that they were planning on charging after my first "free" 10 issues to the magazine. This should be illegal! I had to cancel my debit card and go through the hassle with my bank. I will NEVER make another purchase in finish line again. They authorized a third party to charge my debit card for a product EACH year without my consent! They gave my entire address and baking information away to another company without my knowledge, and the only way I would have found out it was linked back to finish line was sports illustrated sent me a postcard that stated thanks for becoming a new SI subscriber and they had finish lines name on the postcard. I contacted the better business bureau and suggest that everyone else that has had this happen to them by finish line do the same to put a stop to poor business practice such as this!

  19th of Jan, 2010
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I bought shoes from finish line in Newark CA on 10/13/2009.
They charged me $25 on 12/16/2009 (which i didnt notice)
but then they charged me another $50 on 1/15/2010!
that's a total of $75! i don't even know if their magazine costs that much.

How do you resolve this??
i want my money back

  14th of Jan, 2012
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Today the finish line store manager in willow brook mall showed what her true colors were in line with customer service.I first came into the store to return a pair of sneakers I purchased a day before, being the sneaker lover that I am I decided to exchange them for another pair and pay the difference.when I explained this to the store manager she asked me for ID, I asked why if I had paid cash would you need ID, nobody asked for ID when I made the purchase.That being said I explained to her I had just recovered from heart surgery and double hip replacement and it was a long cold walk to where I had parked to get my wallet, she said sorry rules are rules just doing my job.Needless to say I walked to my car, got my wallet went back and returned the shoes for my money back and on my way out was hard starred at by the kiss ### assist manger.I have been a cust of finish line probably since their inception, I currently have 45 pairs of sneakers in my closet.Judging by the attitude of finish lines help it must start at the top.Keep up the good work and your new name will be FINISHED LINE!

  8th of Aug, 2015
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Clearly the biggest number of consumer complaints these days (August 2015) center around slimy "marketing" companies that are sending unwanted, unsolicited magazine subscriptions to people & either billing them fraudulently or using pressure tactics to hope they buy. I'm posting this as a courtesy to other victims, many of whom feel violated. The most egregious offender right now is M2 Media Group, but I've also researched (and received mags. from) Reiman, Subco and Valuemags. What M2 Media is doing, for example, is making deals with major online retailers and websites to either a) buy your name and address from them so they can send you free magazines, and later try to bill you for them, or b) even worse, bury a tiny checkbox on the retailer's website that you have to pay close attention to and UNCHECK, or they will send you the mags and bill you upfront for them. They actually have a list of retailers on their website at that they do business with; including Sears, K-Mart, Shell Gas, Sephora, VistaPrint, Orbitz, Shoebuy, Living Social, eHarmony, Expedia, Groupon, ProFlowers,, Coke Rewards, Barnes & Noble, Staples and yes, even the Girl Scouts. I also suspect, Wayfair, and other retailers who sell concert tickets, perfume, home goods, cosmetics and flowers online. If you've ever done business with any of these companies or the ones on their website, my first suggestion would be to complain to the marketing department, VP or president of those companies and tell them to stop engaging in this type of marketing. IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN BILLED FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION (check the same card you used for the original online purchase), that means they don't have your card info and are probably going to try to bill you later, in which case you can continue to keep the magazines. Per US Postal Service regulations, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING YOU NEVER ORDERED. EVER. So relax. In this case, an even better suggestion (thanks to Johnny D on Complaints Board!) is to call or email the the circulation dept. of the magazine itself (this will be on the first "masthead" page of the magazine or on their website) and simply change the address to either a) your local public library, nursing home or school, or b) SEND THE MAGAZINE BACK TO THE VP OF M2 MEDIA GROUP AND SEE HOW HE LIKES IT! Here's his info:
c/o Mark Dimond
1127 High Ridge Rdl # 335
Stamford, CT 06905
You can also just save up the magazines for as long as you get them, then mail them all back to him at once, postage due. Now, IF YOU HAVE BEEN BILLED FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION, here are the steps to take: 1.) Call your credit card company to dispute the charge. They will issue a chargeback, which means they will not only give you your money back but also take it back from M2 Media. 2.) File a complaint on their BBB website entry, . Make sure to FOLLOW UP with the BBB when they contact you. And don't be surprised or upset to see the Better Business Bureau still gives them a B rating after 338 complaints, that's just how the BBB is. 3.) File a complaint with the CT Attorney General's Office. Here's the website: . 4.) Call or email the original merchant you did business with who either sold them your info or scammed you into unknowingly ordering it in the first place, tell them you will no longer do business with them because of it, and KEEP YOUR PROMISE. 5.) Call M2 Media directly at 866.967.6247 to cancel and complain. You can also do it online at, but it's much more fun by phone. 6.) Forward this info to as many complaint or ripoff or pissed off consumer websites and forums as you can. 7.) Forget about it and go have a beer! It's not identity fraud! And nobody cares how inappropriate it is that you're getting Ebony or Seventeen! It's just a magazine subscription! RELAX! You're welcome.

  17th of Sep, 2017
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So I check my email it tells me, "thank you for your subscription... SPORTS ILLUSTRATED" i did not know they have been charging my moms account for [censor]ing magazines. I went to finish line like back in 2016 and this year (2017) they started charging my moms account, they DID NOT notify me that they were going to start charging me for [censor]ing magazines!!! this [censor] is straight up fraud coming from a known company like that's [censor]ed up!!! how do i solve this problem my mom already changed her card and they got her number again i only shopped at finish line ONE time!! im going to take this as far as i need to they're stealing private information so please be careful with what subscriptions you sign up for to prevent this. DON'T [censor] FINISH LINE!!!

  17th of Sep, 2017
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my bad i meant DONT [censor] WITH FINISH LINE!!! LMAO

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