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1z555w780360153307 17 and 18 march 2016 never had any problem with ups. Could set a clock by them. About a month or more ago, the delivery person said I was not there to sign for delivery of medicine. I was both of 3 times. I called and ups was nasty, not helpful and said I would have drive 40 miles to pick it up. Finally the third time, he showed up.

Now I moved to a new place and ordered box spring rails. The delivery man said I was not home. I was, I had spoken with ups customer service the morning of the 17th to make sure the address was correct. I broke down the beds and waited. I waited outside the from about 2:15-4:00. And waited. Then checked my messages and it said I was not home. I called customer service and they said they would have a truck bring it last night. I slept on th floor. Two misses. Today I waited all day and then the messages said I was not here. I called customer service and they said they were sending it tonight. 7:53pm. I called back to get a time, and they said I would be called back. No one has called back, no new status and I doubt they are even coming. The driver is a liar and customer service is not much better. No when am I going to get my package so I do not have to sleep on th floor???

Mar 18, 2016

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