Filtersfast.comfilter for ref which I sold and sent message to filters fast to cancel my regular shipment every six months, and the just keep sending them.

How do I get it stopped and taken off my credit card? They have sent me two and keep sending even after I contacted them not to send any more. ?They send every here to four months rather than six months. I also noticed that this company keep a record of credit card info and seems to change the price upwards as time goes by. The filters started out at around 39.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Monroe, NCoo and now are around $54.00 each . I did not open this last package and do not know how much my Credit card was charged. It is a debit card so they get their money instantly. And I loose it the same way. I will take three months to get credit back when this return is handled by the company. When you are on a fixed income of Social Stupidity and close to 80 yr old it hurts for a while.

Sep 06, 2017

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