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The Lakeside Collection - Red farmhouse shutter

I have ordered from you for many years and always been completely satisfied.
Recently, I ordered 2 of the red farmhouse shutters. One of them is so warped that I can not get it to lay flat. The other one is perfect.

I am hoping that a replacement for just the one can be sent to me.
It is with much regret that I can not send a photo. I do not know how to do that.

Thank you,
Joy Denney


The Lakeside Collection - Wrong shipping address-would not fix

Poor customer service, , got hung up on multiple times!!!

Computer system generated wrong address and when I called not 5 minutes later, the rep lied and said she changed my address. Requested a supervisor several times and was told they were too busy to speak to me. Sent several messages with no response. Will never order from them again!!!

Poor customer service, ver unprofessional, rude and they hang up on you!!

The Lakeside Collection - Refund on dead plants

Have talked to a rep and was told I had to wait two weeks because my complaint was about two dead plants delivered. Yes, they are definitely dead. They were out of their packaging dried and no root left just dead leaves. They were not dormant!
Account# [protected]
Date 3/31/2021
Plants chenille plant CPW (ltdo107) 15.46
Scarlet shrimp plant SS3(ltdo105) 13.25
Have tried to call but have been on hold twice for over a half hour. Never have had a problem with Lakeside before but would like a refund on these two plants.

Desired outcome: Refund for two dead plants.

The Lakeside Collection - Order received

I've recently received an order I placed on February 25, 2021. I was surprised and disgusted by what I found inside the original shipping box. When I opened the box, an overwhelming smell of smoke filled the room. Inside was a used cigarette. I'm not a smoker, and was taken back by the smell. I called customer service right away and they offered me a refund or to replace the entire order. I chose to have the entire order replaced-I hope they come through. However, I have doubts about buying and recommending them in the future.

Desired outcome: order replacement

The Lakeside Collection - Order Number [protected]

I placed an order for Christmas gifts on Nov. 29th, 2020. These gifts were for my "GREAT-GREAT nieces and nephews. These children's ages are from 3 years to 8 years old. I have been checking the status of the order for the last two weeks and found out yesterday that they will not arrive until 29 December!!! Now I don't have any gifts to give to them. Also, I was told that the Table Top Stackers are not available, which on my order status says this was shipped on December 2nd, can you explain why this happened, because when I placed the order it did not say it was on "BACK ORDER"????????

I think that you owe me a "REFUND" on all the gifts I ordered and did not receive in time for Christmas. By the way, I will not order anything from you again. I'm soo disappointed I did not get these gifts for the KIDS


The Lakeside Collection - Placed an order in september backordered told will receive early november

Order #: [protected]
Confirmation#: [protected]
I placed an order on September 5. 2020 for 8 curtains. During my order no where was noted that my order will be back ordered. I received 5 yet to receive the remainder of my 3. I called customer Service was so rude and informed me I can cancel my order. I didn't as I wasn't sure if ordered elsewhere will be the same. Also informed that I should receive my order early November. Here we are end of November and yet to receive the remainder of my items. This is so unacceptable and worst experience ever. I will never order from your company and will inform everyone I know the experience I had with your company.
Natalie McCue

The Lakeside Collection - Lakeside collection perks membership

I was charged 14.95 // 5 days after I placed my order. I called to see what it was for and they said its for the LSC Perks membership. I did not order this, the representative said it was probably on a pop up that asked if I wanted free shipping. Well I probably did want free shipping// but I did not get free shipping. I talked to the representative and wanted my money back, but she only cancelled my future monthly payment. This is a total scam and it happened to 3 other people in my office as well. I want my 14.95 back.

The Lakeside Collection - Red green xmas tree

Ordered Xmas tree in October 29 told 6 days haven't received it. In Memphis post office since 3rd of November and hasn't left there?? I need a tree for Xmas and want money back [protected]. Correction...

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The Lakeside Collection - Climbed

I took my granddaughter on Friday just gone I was not happy with it I had to hook her up at all climbing stuff I found it hard as not got a lot of strength in my arms there wasn't enough staff for me...

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The Lakeside Collection - I have been double charged.

My name is Courtney Cockrum, and I placed an order, and paid through Paypal on 10/15/2019. The payment went through for $85.69. It even cleared on my bank account, as well as Paypal. Now today, 11/6/2019 I have another charge for $85.69. This put my bank account in the negative, and I do not understand why it is showing on my account? I have already received my items, and have been using them. I love ordering from Lakeside, but if this is something that is going to happen, I can't afford this. I really need this fixed immediately, as it is very frustrating.
The invoice ID is o2435581122

The Lakeside Collection - lakeside perks

Did not sign up for this. Stated I did when I ordered but I did not. When I saw the charge on my card, traced and saw that the company had charged my before. I called and cancelled, requested refund...

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The Lakeside Collection - club house sandy bull/linda hanley

I live at Lakeside Crossing, Conway, SC...lot #433. I called and talked to Ebony today to speak to a manager about an issue i am having with current Manager Sandy Bull & Secretary Linda Hanley. I am...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Lakeside Collection - Catalog

Received a catalog from The Lakeside Collection today, addressed to my five year old daughter. How did this company get my daughter's information & to think her parent wouldn't be concern at thi...

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The Lakeside Collection - Will not refund money

I returned two tables to Lakeside Collections because they were junk. When you went to put them together the fake wood broke. They sent me two return labels by e-mail and one UPS label. I taped...

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The Lakeside Collection - No tracking information/rude customer service rep

I recently ordered online through The Lakeside Collection catalog company's website an MP4 player for my son, for Christmas. I ordered it on December 10, and still have not received it. I go to the...

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The Lakeside Collection - Double charged on my debit card

I have ordered from Lakeside for years, since before I was married. I have had mostly good results with them--albiet the usual complaints of backordered items and items no longer available and the...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Lakeside Collection - Cannot contact, took money, items never recieved!!!!

My mother recently ordered from The Lakeside Collection catolog. She paid with her bank card & the company was paid on October 22nd. It is now November 27th and the items have not arrived. Her and I...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Lakeside Collection - Poor Service

I would like to echo the chorus of Lakeside Collection being an absolutely horrid company to purchase from. I'm amazed they're still in business. I ordered a set of glass coasters for a Christmas gift. It took them six weeks to ship the item. Since I ordered through the catalog, I wasn't too upset about the time frame. However, the packing was non-existent. They stuck these glass coasters in a box twice their size with nothing protecting them. No peanuts. No bubble wrap. No paper! And of course, they were broken. I was livid. I went to the website, looked up their return requirements and returned the item with a refund request. I got nothing. No acknowledgment of receipt. No refund. And forget trying to get in contact with someone to make a complaint. Not going to happen. I cannot stress enough how awful this company is. Do yourself a favor and do not purchase from them. If you really like one of their items so much, look it up online and I guarantee that you will find that item at another, more reputable outlet. It might be slightly more expensive but believe me, it's worth the extra money!

Dear michelleym,

On behalf of The Lakeside Collection, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for the broken glass coasters that were received. It is our intent to provide our customers with quality products and customer service, and we truly regret to have disappointed you.

The manner in which your items were received was most definitely unacceptable. I will do my absolute best to get this matter rectified and make sure a refund for your return is sent.

So that I may research your return properly I ask that you please email me your account and return information directly to [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you and I again, apologize for this inconvenience.


Melissa Martinez
Customer Support Specialist
The Lakeside Collection

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Lakeside Collection - Terrible All Around

This catalog is indeed too good to be true. Bought from them only because of their prices, and then it has taken over a week to merely process the order, it still hasn't been shipped out. Additionally, when you are shopping a box pops up that says "if you spend 5 dollars more, you get free shipping!" DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. I was charged EXTRA and was told (After unanswered emails and waiting 38 minutes on hold to speak to one of the rudest customer service reps I've ever encountered!) that I "overspent" and was charged, and I didn't read the box correctly. SO misleading! I am still waiting for my packages, I have NO idea how they do business!!! Trust me when I tell you I was going to do ALL my christmas shopping there but, completely changed my mind now. Stay away at all costs! I wish I had read these reviews prior!

Dear stephaniel13,

I would first like to sincerely apologize for the troubles you have experienced with our company. The Lakeside Collection strives to make your shopping experience a positive one and truly regret to have disappointed you.

I would really like to help you locate your order and discuss what can be done to better accommodate you with regards to the shipping and handling confusion. Please email me your order and account information directly to [email protected] and I will be more than happy to assist.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Melissa Martinez
Customer Care Specialist
The Lakeside Collection

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Lakeside Collection - Horrible experience

Horrible experience. I ordered on Jan 13 2008 the status has stayed ready to ship with no shipping in sight. They charged me right when I placed the order but no one can tell me if and when my order will ship. Never again will I order from them. I wish I would have checked the reviews here first.


I’d like to sincerely apologize for the lack of order status information on your order. Please email me your account and order information to [email protected] so that I may further research this issue and contact you back with any updates regarding the order in question.

Melissa Martinez
The Lakeside Collection
Contact Center Specialist

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