FiltersFast / taking the $ but not delivering the goods... repeatedly

After being prompted via relentless emails to re-open my account and get a discount on my first order "back" I caved and decided the try this American business again vs. ordering my filter through Amazon. Years ago, there was a recurring issue with the delivery. Even though I had corrected the wrong input on my address, FilterFast decided to still ship it with the old address label and they were promptly returned. My complaining was met with misgiving and not handled in a professional way and I left.
I should have known better . Believe it or not, but in June, after putting in all the correct shipping - and credit card information I ordered a new filter, making use of my "promo-code" to come back; it turned out to not make much difference anyway, but felt good about giving someone a second chance vs. the big guys.
You guessed filter, due to wrong address. I kid you not. I ordered another one (yeah, I know, once bitten...) paid another $35 and still...nothing. Interesting how the new credit card information was NOT mistaken. Something went right there! No notification that it was returned and I'd be credited. I sent two emails and both were met with 2 day waiting time for a response. Never a waiting time for an order! I have demanded a full refund for both items and will report to BBB if it is not credited to my account within 5 business days. Its inexcusable to be doing business like that in this day and age. Then, you don't deserve to have a thriving business, indeed.

Jul 24, 2018

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