SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Unauthorized charge

i have been billed 63.40 for conveyencing fee's.. what the hell. I have never been onto this sight. Tried to sign up to get a movie yet when signed up after advertising you had the movie. The movie you didn't have and cant log in ... never logged in . So you wrote back to me explaining it was free trial for 5 days and then needed to be concealed or fee's applied. How would i know that my registration was successful if you had never sent me a confirmation letter. and i have not been able to log in.. .
There fore one would think. bugger this it isn't working and never did sign up. as heard nothing.?? and got no where. I have never used this and will never. Have asked to de-register myself and card from system. And if there is not a re-fund given with in the week this will be reported as fraud and will take intervention. This is no stress to me and have done it before with ease and success. This is not a functioning above board business . You can see i have never used it nor have you sent any mail allowing me to know that registration even happened. not being able to log in implies that it didn't .

Mar 22, 2016

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