Ster-Kinekor Complaints & Reviews

Ster-Kinekor / customer service.

May 28, 2019

After following all instructions and advice of a few (reluctant) staff members patiently and to the letter, I STILL could not buy tickets (in person from a staff member). I spoke to 8 people, some of who were rude and unhelpful (two managers and half of helpline staff) and some who were...

Ster-Kinekor / disgusting service, very angry customer

May 07, 2019

Dear Ster Kinekor, With this email I would like to express my severe dissatisfaction with the level of service I received from the personnel including the management of Parow Centre Ster Kinekor. Can you please tell me what happens in the first 20 minutes of Avengers Endgame? Because after...

Ster-Kinekor / 3d movie

May 03, 2019

This is now the 2nd time this happens. We went to watch Avengers Endgame at Bayside in 3D at No. 8. The movie was so unclear that we could not see the faces of the characters or even read the number plate of a car. It was completely unclear and very disappointing. Last time it happened...

Ster-Kinekor / worst management and staff ever

Apr 28, 2019

So last night 21:30 after booking our 4 tickets buying our combos we went into the cinema but then we wanted some extra beverages and the que was super long and my fiance ran out to go get some as we saw other people went in with outside beverages as well as yes that too pass the staff...

Ster-Kinekor / advertisement prior to movie

Apr 10, 2019

On Sunday we went and watch a movie at Ster Kinekor and they had a advertisement about a accudent and how you should buckle up. All 4 kids in vehicle died. I took this as very offensive considering my sister was in a severe car accident and has brain damage. I will now never ever consider...

Ster-Kinekor / no assistance with ticket refund

Feb 14, 2019

On 30 January 2019 I booked tickets for 2 February2019. I cancelled the booking (WJXFLMN) on the same day and sent through a mail to [email protected] They replied with CAS-184859-F7D7W7 has been logged. STK:0012000395261 and requested proof that it went out of my account which I...

Ster-Kinekor / movie quality and service

Feb 10, 2019

I just had a terrible experience at your movie theatre in musgrave, my brother and I went to see how to train your dragon hidden world. We paid for 3D tickets and then were told due to power issues we would have to wait, almost 20 minutes later we were told we could go inside. However...

Ster-Kinekor / slandering of christian faith by ng kerk's movie dominee tienie. please remove from cinemas

Feb 03, 2019

Please remove the slanderous movie Dominee Tienie as it is a serious attack and very bad mistepresentation of the Christian faith. Drunk, confused Dominees (church leaders), swearing desperate NG Kerk dominee's wife, and worst of all, misrepresentation of Bible.. totally taking scripture...

Ster-Kinekor / incorrect advertising...

Jan 24, 2019

We watched aquaman on friday, it was a really enjoyable movie, I decided to take along my family to watch it on tuesday... (1/2 price movie day, and when I tried to use my club cards for me and my 2 sons the system would not allow me to get it at half price as we've seen it before...……...

Ster-Kinekor / plastic straws

Dec 22, 2018

Hi there. I am nineteen years old and I went to Ster-Kinekor Cape Gate last Wednesday to see a movie with a friend of mine. I am shocked and disgusted that such a huge movie house still OPENLY HANDS OUT PLASTIC STRAWS! Nowadays most places either hand out PAPER straws or no straws at all. I...

Ster-Kinekor / age restrictions on marvel movies

Dec 20, 2018

Hi I am very upset that my children are unable to watch spiderman and bumblebee bee due to age restrictions. Why does marvel create clothing for children below age 10 if they cannot watch the movies. Bumble bee as well, there are toys made for kids below 10 of these characters which kid...

Ster-Kinekor / false advertising

Nov 30, 2018

We took Ster-Kinekor up on their ladies night offer to watch Second Act on Wednesday night 28 November 2018 at Brooklyn Mall. The invite specified complimentary welcome drinks Xcite Energy Ciders, canapes, a free gift and so much more. We were at the movies at 19:40. The guys were not...

Ster-Kinekor / "two tails"

Nov 27, 2018

To whom it may concern I recently took my children to the movies as a treat and the movie they chose was "Two Tales". I was absolutely appalled at the quality of the this low budget, poorly made film. I felt the need to apologize to my children for this terrible experience! Sterkinekor this i...

Ster-Kinekor / no movies for under 16's

Nov 05, 2018

On Saturday 3 November we went to Newtown Junction Mall to watch a movie. I cant understand how such a busy place could not have a kids movie playing. What are we suppose to do with our kids in the meantime. Also the cashier that was working there turns around and still tells me that there...

Ster-Kinekor / movie screening times on two occasions being wrong as well as no feedback from a query raised in august

Oct 28, 2018

As per query number CAS 174739 W4X3X9.logged this query in August yet no response. Today I check movie times at carnival city for Night school On 28 October 2018, shows starting time at 18:45, we get there and the time is for 19:45 so I went back on website to check if was my fault yet the...

Ster-Kinekor / lighting in cinemas

Oct 25, 2018

We were at the movies at Gateway Umhlanga on Monday 22 October. When we entered the movie 10 minutes before the movie was supposed to start it was only the lights on the stairs that were on. I had to switch on my cellphone torch to help us get to our seats. I also had to assist two other...

Ster-Kinekor / non existent service

Oct 17, 2018

Last Thursday the 11th of October my husband & I went to watch a movie at Ster-kinekor Tygervalley. The movie started at 20:15, so we were there at 20:00 to get popcorn before it started. At the confectionary counter were 2 workers. Not one acnowledged us standing there. The popcorn was just...

Ster-Kinekor / venom imax eastgate mall

Oct 12, 2018

Good day. I booked two tickets to watch the 8pm screening of Venom in iMax for today, 12th October 2018. I had purchased the tickets yesterday via the App and therefore simply had to collect the tickets before the movie today. I am however upset about the fact that this was a 3D iMax...

Ster-Kinekor / website

Oct 07, 2018

My family and I were looking forward to watching The Meg, I googled the times on the Ster Kinekor website and we arranged our day accordingly. Upon arrival at Northmead Square we were advised that the movie was not showing at that time and numerous other clients had complained that the...

Ster-Kinekor / trailers/advertisments

Oct 04, 2018

I took my kids to watch a movie yesterday at blue route mall. We had to watch 30mins of trailers and advertising before the movie started. I think this is a ridiculous amount of time and instead feeling relaxed we get irritated. Ive noticed over the years that te trailers are getting...

Ster-Kinekor Promanade / service and planning

Oct 03, 2018

Good day Last night, 02/10/2018, I took my son to go and watch a movie at, ster-kinekor promenade. We arrived a hour prior to the start of the movie to ensure we would get tickets and purchases from your concession stand. After queuing for more than 30 minutes, no movement was happening to...

Ster-Kinekor / seats and no payment ticket

Sep 11, 2018

We went to see the new Abba movie last week at the Northmead Square Ster Kinekor movie house in Benoni. Firstly, we paid cash, no slip, no ticket and the guy said he had no change and that we should get it from where we were going to buy drinks. We bought two drinks and got change but...

Ster Kinekor Mall of Africa / wet seats messed with cool drink

Aug 17, 2018

Dear Ster Kinekor Hi, middle June I took my two little eager kids to see Incredibles 2... sadly my seat and my sons seats was soaked in spilled cooldrink from the movie before. I was told that they couldn't move us to alternate seats as the theater was completely booked out which was a lie...

Sterkineko / the behaviour and attitude of staff/ and service

Aug 05, 2018

Good day I am writing this letter due to a problem I encountered while attending a movie at sterkinekor. Normally, minor inconveniences do not bother me, but I was surprised and disappointed at the treatment and service I received. First incident: I went to see the 5:45 P.M. showing of...

Ster-Kinekor / arrogant entrance staff. nozibele

Jul 27, 2018

So I take my boy to watch mamma Mia at Bayside mall, this focking arrogant lady by the doors tells us rudely he can't go in his not old enough after telling her he is she wants proof all the other people kids walk in like it's going out of fashion but we stopped? This bitch then insist we...

Ster-Kinekor / what product? what service? - useless

Jul 17, 2018

Went to the Cinema quarter to 8. Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 20:33. First there is NO ONE at the counter and NO popcorn in the warmers. When someone FINALLY saw us at the counter we were told they already cashed up and started fighting over who must serve us. I then asked the guy behind the...

Ster Kinekor / cinema experience

Jul 12, 2018

I have 2 complaints. Firstly on the 5th July 2018 I watched incredibles 2 at gateway sk, seat d8 was damaged and on complaining to management that I had an uncomfy experience and my back was hurt, i was promised a call but received none. Secondly at musgrave sk on 12 July at Jurassic world...

Ster-Kinekor / poor customer service

Jul 10, 2018

The incident happened today. I booked two tickets via the website for antman and wasp in cinema prestige to watch on Thursday 12 July at 19:45. The money was taken out of my account but a message then pops up saying "Sorry there was a problem at the cinema and you may have been charged but...

Ster-Kinekor / movies

Jul 03, 2018

I know that it is out of the hands of sterkinekor but I really had an awful experience today at the movies at the [email protected] . Me and my partner attended the movie The incredibles 2 showing 14:15 where the people all aroud us was using their cellphones mainly their camera function with...

Ster-Kinekor / entire experience

Jul 02, 2018

On Saturday, 30 July, my husband and I took our daughters to watch Incredibles 2 at N1 City Ster-Kinekor. What an unpleasant experience! I have always preferred Ster-Kinekor cinemas over others but will have to reconsider. Firstly, I purchased tickets through the App. Which should negate the...

Ster-Kinekor / unethical behaviour

Jun 27, 2018

- This incident happened end May 2018. - We were forcefully asked by Management and security to 'get out of their cinema.' We went to watch Infinity War and was told my son was under age and we could watch the movie but he could attend another movie. We refused and asked for a better solution...

Ster-Kinekor / cinema 4 at sandton city mall

Jun 24, 2018

Much to our disappointment, we paid for a movie in full but had to sit in bean bag, much too small seats in cinema 4 at Ster Kinekor Sandton City Mall. There was also a ball pit and children played through the entire movie, causing the rest of the movie goers to miss much of the movie. All...

Ster-Kinekor / fraudsters at east gate ster-kinekor

Jun 16, 2018

Hie - Today me and my boyfriend went to watch a movie Breaking the way those people acted on us it was confusing. We went to the ticket station to get tickets tge guys that we found were not willing ti help us as we wanted tickets and pop corn cash instead of swiping and this other lady...

Ster-Kinekor / refund not received

Jun 15, 2018

Poor response from call centre (Lee and Vigie Naidoo) and finance team handling my refund. CAS 157 105. Calls are also never returned. It has been over a month and my refund has not been processed! Each time I call, I am asked to resend data. All repeat emails saved. All data was sent on 14...

Ster-Kinekor / movie show

Jun 13, 2018

Hi yesterday the 12 June 2018 my girlfriend and I went to watch the new Jurassic world In the imax.. at first the advertisement playing in the beginning started freezing, so we really didn't worry about it so much then.. but as soon as the movie started it just got so much more worse.. I...

Ster-Kinekor / service/food/lack of assistance

Jun 06, 2018

Hi, we went to eastgate premier on 26 may to watch the new star wars movie, which we were very excited to see. Unfortunately our experience at the cinema was dreadful and I am afraid to say I don't think I will pay so much money again to get a mediocre service which I could've received if...

Ster-Kinekor / self service machines not working

May 28, 2018

Rustenburg - Waterfall Mall Cinema. We went to the movies on Saturday. The self help machines were not working. There were no signs to say it's out of order. We had to get tickets at the confectionery stand. We waited 10 minutes. Can't the at least open one cashier to assist with only...

Ster-Kinekor / bayside cinema renovations

May 20, 2018

I live in Melkbostrand and the closest in fact only cinima in the area is Bayside. Imagine my shock when I phoned to find out what movies were showing on Friday to find it's closed for renovations. Yes I accept renovations is a good thing but we as customers should have been informed...

Ster-Kinekor / ster-kinekor carnival mall

May 14, 2018

My Mother's day was ruined due to a white lady at Ster-Kinekor who behaved so badly - she blew up condoms and was throwing it at her husband - we chose to watch the Christian movie - I can only imagine. My son approached the lady to kindly behave as he had his elderly parents at thi...

[Resolved] Ster-Kinekor / management and floor staff

May 10, 2018

I would like to formally lay a complaint against the staff at the promenade branch. My husband and I went to watch the 20h15 showing of a quite place on 9 may. We where the only 2 people in the cinema for the movie. I forgot my wallet on the seat next to me last night. This morning I tried...