FerrellGas / propane delivery company

419 Main Street, Three Bridges, NJ, United States
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I did not have a choice when I bought my house 8 years ago as to who supplied my propane. But from the start it's been a horrible experience dealing with Ferrellgas, several missed deliveries resulting in no gas in the lowest temperatures of Winter. After finding out that their installed regulator caused a large amount of soot build-up in my furnace, causing it to shut down and being told it will take $1600 to get it running again, I was told though it "might be" the regulator's not sending enough pressure to the furnace, but since they only give a year's warranty on a regulator, they don't intend to help with getting my furnace back up and running and on top of which their Operations Manager, Chris (NJ & PA) hung up on me, telling me that he thought it was a maintenance issue, not their regulator, (he was supposed to stop by but didn't bother), which was not the opinion of the professional technician who attempted to fix the furnace. Propane is supposed to burn clean, you'd never know it from looking at my furnace. So once again, Ferrellgas does not give a damn about their customer, I'm without heat, but oh, they are willing to replace the regulator and ONLY charge me $100. How I get the furnace running again, they don't care. This is one company, I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND


Feb 25, 2016

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