fedhealth medical scheme / fedhealth owes me money and cancels my benefits

United States

Fedhealth is not to be trusted. I have had a query with them since 6 January 2010. They unilaterally canceled my bank account details saying I put a stop at the bank, which my bank conforms is a blatant LIE, as FEDHEALTH did not present a debit order on my account.

All my efforts to submit claims have been frustrated since 6 January, where they no only currently suspended my benefit again for payments not made (AFTER I they were the one's who incorrectly canceled my details in the first place, I told them to reinstate it from January already, which shows that it was done to late to go through in MARCH!).

I have outstanding claims amounting to thousands of rands which I had to pay cash because of their mistake, and now that I am claiming for my money back, they coming up with all excuses to not pay me. It's either they did not receive my claims (I have emailed proof thereof) or the scans are coming through too light (ZOOM - darken image at printer!!!). I called on Thursday to speak to a manager at around 15h00. I am STILL awaiting a call from someone from Fedhealth to call me.

They're a useless bunch of incompetent buck-passers who are ripping people off!


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