fedhealth medical schemeI find this company very unreliable to be taken for its word

I find this company very unreliable to be taken for its word because everytime I phone the call centre for a request, the response I get is always changing and conflicting - depending on the agent I speak to. Fedhealth is openly not passionate about clients, they seem to only pray and wish that you constantly enrich their pockets by paying premiums and NEVER get sick or if at all you do, they hope you go to a public hospital.

The last time I was admitted to the hospital and I needed a MRI scan, they delayed any authorization until I called in from my sick bed to beg them to approve. They even queried my blood pressure state to make sure I wasn't in DIRE NEED OF A VACATION IN A HOSPITAL by pretending to be sick.

Now my problem is that I got chronic medication from my doc and when I sent it through they refused to put in 2 of the main medications I needed but instead they added Disprin at free will, since it only cost R15. Then I called to enquire after 2 months they responsed that they will call my Doc and ask him reason for giving the medication...First it was BP and now medication...Then I am asking myself what really is the value of being a member of this scheme.

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