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First of all, to make it clear. Finance and Business Training Birmingham (thereafter FBT) is the branch of London School of Business and Finance London (thereafter LSBF). Here are my bad experiences at FBT. in September 2010, after I finished my accounting defree at university, I went to FBT to do an ACCA course as one of my friends kept saying that professional qualification is important for accountants. When i went for registration at FBT, the advisor insisted that I am not exempted from any subjects in ACCA, even if I have an accounting degree. I am a trusting person, so I believed what the advisor said and went on to the course. in December, I was informed by ACCA itself that I am exempted from 6 subjects, which means the time I spent between september 2010 to December was a total waste, as well as the tuition fee. However, due to my long established and solid trust to education providers at the time and belief that the mistakes are being made by them unintentionally, I forgave them.
In 2011, I finished ACCA study and returned back to my university to do my masters's degree. After that was finish in September 2012, I started looking for jobs. In the meanwhile, my girlfriend who was also studying towards accounting suggested me to go back to FBT to do a CIMA degree as well, since I can get more than half exemptions from CIMA, too. At the time, I was also with the attitude of "the more, the better". so I went back to FBT in December 2012. I honestly told the admission advisor (Lena Patel) there all my education history, including my 1 year study in FBT in 2010. She said everything is fine and gave me an offer. Afterwards, in a few days time, I paid for a deposit of £2720 to FBT. a couple of days after I made the payment, I went to the see the visa advisor at FBT, when she told me that I cannot study here no more since I have studied at NVQ lvl 6 and above for already 5 years, as this is the UKBA regulation that international students can only study for univeristy, masters and professional degree together for 5 years (a new rule in 2011 or 2012, which I did not know about at the time). I was left wondered, why did not they tell me this when I went there first time and before I paid the tuition fee? anyway, then I applied for a refund to LSBF, because the finance of FBT is controlled by LSBF. since then, I contact LSBF at least 5 times a day to push the request through. Finally, by the end of January, the request is approved. however, the finance guy at LSBF asked for my visa copy in order to release refund. I was surprised, because my visa is not from FBT and I have never been sponsored by them. I was really angry and went to LSBF London and explained to them that I am now working, my passport is sent out for renewal of work permit (which usually takes 2 months to be renewed). however, they insisted they cannot refund me without valid visa, which is ridiculous. with or without a visa, my money is always my money. Anyway, at the end, I showed my certificate of sponsorship issued by UKBA, company letter, and photocopies of my passport, they still insisted on seeing my new visa. after almost a hour discussion, they finally agreed to approve my refund without waiting for my new visa to be granted. after a couple of days, when i called in to LSBF, they said my refund should hit my account in a month time, which never happened. when I called them in February, the finance team confirmed with me that I am in the march pay run and I will be refunded in the middle of march. which is a lie again. so I called in on 17 th March, the lady who answered the call asked me to wait one more week. which I did, but they did not make it happen. so I called them again, and LSBF again said it is easter, so I need to wait another one to two weeks. Now is 18th of April, 3 weeks from easter, I still have not got anything at all. I am calling them every single day, at least 5 times a day. Always the same answers, no one is available, or the line is engaged, or the person you are looking for is away from his desk. Today I finally got through to one of the finance advisor (Balakrishna), he asked for my ticket number, then asked me to wait a while for him to check my refund request. I was put on hold for 20 minutes by him, and being hanged up afterwards (20 minutes waiting in silence and being hanged up?). So i called him again in 2 hours time, the exactly same thing happened again!!! I have told them I will sue LSBF, and make this whole thing go public, but it seems they never bothered! No suprise, they got a big guy standing behind them. I will definitely keep fighting for my case. This is not only about the £2720 fee that I need, but also for the disrespect I have had from them, the big "let down" I faced after given them so much trust. If there are anyone who are in the same situation as me and are willing to take legal actions, please do conact me at any time. Email: [protected] Also, for those who may give me some advices or help, please do conact me at the email address listed above, too.

Apr 18, 2013

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