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1 England, Greater London, United Kingdom

What I first assumed to be a minor administrative error on their part turned into a large continueing headache.

Their website is designed to make it near impossible to end your service with them or get any sort of help, redirecting you in circles when you look for customer services or anything other than new customer questions.

I only realised this after it was too late, they sent me an email stating I had missed a payment, I went and checkd, and as I had thought, the payment was made normally, so I let them know and carried on, business as usual.

3 more emails and 2 letters later they are demanding payment, threatening the use of debt collectors (for a sum of less the £10) and generaly harrasing me and causing severe stress... which is just ridiculous.

They have no record of payments, luckily I used paypal so have clear unarguable records of such, they have no records of any messages sent via their webstie and refuse to acknowledge pretty much anything, glossing over their faults and repeating 'missed payment' 'debt colection agency' and 'gimme gimme gimme'.

I wish I had never gotten involved with them and the issue is still ongoing, though happily tradings standards and paypal are both on my side, I do sit worrying that some musclebound debt collector is going to knock at my door demanding money and fines for something I have already paid and have not even received my service. If you take anything from this, please tae the advice to give them a wide birth and to ignore their efforts to cover up their failings and deliberate disregard for others.

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