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Fastfloors advertises “110% Price Match Guarantee”. This is a complete scam. After placing the order inserting the prices from a legitimate on-line competitor (which were substantially less, by the way) they matched the price, but only beat it by 2.5%, or a 102.5% price match. I did not mind too much because I was not going to have to pay the state sales tax, so it was close to 110% off….Then, the next day they cancelled my entire order! Not by email and not by phone, they just did it. I noticed when I logged on to check the status. I called to see what was up. The operator was very polite and professional and transferred me to customer service agent who was also very nice. She said that the price in the price match was within their acceptable low price limits, and she did not know why it had been cancelled, but she would call me back in 10 minutes to let me know.

Several hours later I had not heard a thing so I Googeled “Fastfloors reviews” and found many bad reviews, including: not honoring the price match, damaged orders, long delivery times, to name a few. Now I am glad they cancelled. Out of curiosity, I sent emails and left several voice mail message to still try to find out why it was cancelled, none were ever returned. This is unacceptable for an order that was in excess of $1, 500.

I ended up going with the company I used for the price match, and saved even more money by ordering the underlayment from ebay. The underlayment was $75 for 100 sq ft on the other site and $85 at Fastfloors. Delivered ebay price for the same product: $36! I highly recommend ebay no matter which flooring company you use. In addition go to Harbor Freight to get the laminate install kit (96447-2VGA) that includes the tapping block, pull bar and spacers, for $6.00, it’s over $20 at the on-line stores.

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  • Tc
      4th of Apr, 2009 honors the PriceMatch guarantee when you get a quote from another competitor, and they match the complete quote just as it states in their PriceMatch terms listed on their site. It would be rediulous to think you could go to one site and get the floor price, another site and get accessory prices and then an auction site to find left over or “like” underlayment at half the price of the real thing then turn arouund and have FastFloors match all that. Yes I am a representative of, a company by the way that serves thousands of satisfied customers every month and has done so online since 1995 in addition to being in the industry since 1980. I just get sick of reading this type of thing and felt the need to defend it. All of the terms of the PriceMatch are clearly listed on the web site however if it’s ONLY price you are interested in, then is most likely not the place to buy your flooring, tile and rugs. While we will always match or beat a legitimate competitor’s price, our primary focus is making sure you’re happy and you get what you want.

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  • Be
      29th of Nov, 2010

    There are many company's on the internet are just phone scamming operations. They carry no inventories -- they pass on your order tp other companies that do have merchandise -- and make money by overcharging and selling seconds and pirate merchandise as first quality. My advice: if you don't go through Amazon or Ebay, ignore internet sellers, no matter how pretty their websites, how smooth their ph0ne agents, and how good their prices.

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  • Tr
      6th of Sep, 2011

    I am not happy with, to say the least... Not only is their phone system a pain in the neck, they never answer the darn thing. We had a $3000.00 order in and was sent an email 3 weeks later saying the order had been cancelled! Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but they have neglected to refund the money owed to us! It has been 2 weeks since they cancelled the order, where's the money??? Do I have to sue them to get it back??? I WILL do what ever is necessary to get it back!!! Has anyone else had this problem?
    Pissed in Alabama!!!

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  • Su
      31st of Jan, 2012

    No kidding, the underlayment I found at the manufacturer's website directly was only $32! And the flooring was without the hassles considering the many negative reviews. AND I am guaranteed to be under the manufacturer's warranty. What a joke this company thinks they are, that they can fool innocent people into their scams.

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  • Fl
      16th of Feb, 2017

    Actually can agree with this, I ordered from and they scammed me on my rebate. I did everything according to the procedures they set, and they denied my rebate. I also figured out their scam. They will figure up your price and tell you about the rebate. When you ask them to send something in writing that outlines it, they will say that they cannot outline the specifics (shipping, order, etc), they can only put the order total and what the rebate will be. Later they say that the salesperson discounted the shipping, so you do not qualify for the rebate. Even though they just tell you what the price will be and not whether it is discounted, they pull this move so that they can scam you later. I have lots of emails to back up this claim where the GM all but admits it. He does admit that the salesperson was incorrect in the way that they did it, so I do not get a rebate. Even though it was signed off by the sales person, the supervisor, and I called and talked to another salesperson to get a quote under a different name (and got the exact same quote). This is their scam, beware of them.

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