FashionNova / stating products are out of stock when they are not

I placed my 1st order with about 1 week ago, I was then emailed saying one item I ordered and paid for is out of stock and was issues store credit, I checked the website for the item and it was neither out of stock or low stock. I emailed FashionNova and got no reply after emailing 3 times, I got one reply saying it is out of stock and I should be "cautious" when ordering next time keeping in mind it is their fault that the website never stated out of stock or low in stock. I gave them a second chance and placed another order using the store credit, but had to pay for shipping Again at my own expense. I had the same problem with another product, so I emailed again and the person emailing kept making excuses. I have not even been store credited for this item, and have asked repeatedly that I get a full refund for the whole order and I will ship back the items at my own expense as well as opening dispute in Paypal which has not been replied to either. I clearly proved in the emails to the company that these items still to this day have never been out of stock or low in stock. I have gone online and read reviews and this has been a big waste of my money that I demand to have back, and learned they do this to majority of customers as a way of scamming for them to pay for shipping over and over. I would please like them to give a full refund back into my account for the second order and I will send order back to them at my own expense. This is clearly the companies fault and I should not have to pay for their mistakes.

Nov 28, 2017

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