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Farm Bureau Insurance / auto repairs

1 Charlotte, NC, United States Review updated:

My wife and I were rearended at a stop light on July 5th, 2008 in Monroe N.C.The guy who caused the accident slammed into the car behind me at a high rate of speed causing my wifes cell phone to fly out of her hand and hit our back glass .We both suffered personal injuries as well as damages to our car.A few days following this accident I carried my car to Arnold Palmer Cadillac on Independence Blvd. to have it repaired.It took nearly a week to get an adjuster to come and even look at the car before he determined on his own that repairing my air conditioner was not warranted under his assumption that it was not accident related.My wife and I both have C.O.P.D. which is lung disease and affects our ability to breathe without air when traveling.When our car was struck it was 93 degrees outside and we would certainly been at home if our car wasn't equipped with a working air conditioning system.We are still haggling and the adjuster continues to bicker about the repairs.We were awakened only yesterday morning by Marty Nobels who is the assigned adjuster informing us that he was cancelling the use of the loaner car acquired from Enterprise Rentals at the dealership.I am beginning to believe that Farm Bureau is nothing more than a group of individuals who make their living putting the screws to innocent victims.It appears that if my vehicle gets repaired, it will be me that has to absorb the loss and pay the cost.

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  • Di
      6th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    this guy is an idiot, i am a farm bureau customer and I was in a simialiar accident and I cant praise FB enough for the way they handled everything for me. I got a rental car, my docotrs bill paid, great company

  • Li
      8th of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I agree. We have been customer's of NC Farm Bureau for years. They have our auto, home, life policies and we have never had a claim until recently. My car's paint and top was damaged by a automatic car wash, which caused my car to leak. I submitted the claim, with quotes to fix top and paint and the first adjuster in Wilson, NC was going to fix, but because the paint was going to be expensive, she forwarded to an adjuster in Raleigh, NC. He comes out, says top is not covered, which a bunch of excuses why, and then gives me a $200 check ($700 minus $500 deduct) to fix clear coat on car. I am livid to say the least. It is obvious the adjusters work for NC Farm Bureau and MUST get paid bonuses for figuring out ways to not cover claims and pay their customers. I am moving all my policies! Beware of NC Farm Bureau!

  • Th
      29th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This review gives me pause for concern. I am now struggling with the adjuster who came in response to a water heater flooding in the downstairs area who took it upon himself to tell one company I had decided to use another company and God knows what he told the second company. Neither of the companies I contacted actually sent ME an estimate, but conversations with each of them indicated that the estimate I got from the adjuster did not include items they recommended repairing or replacing. I had to INSIST on an estimate being sent directly to me to compare apples to apples.
    I also contacted the NC insurance commission to ask about this "protocol" of only sending the insurance company an estimate and they found that unusual indeed and recommended actions for me to take to protect my elderly mother's interests. (It's her house, and I have handled her business for a number of years).

    As to the comment about the above complainant being "an idiot", made by another reviewer, what an absurd remark to make about another person who obviously had a difficult time when the "critic" had not experienced the same problem. Different adjusters can make ALL the difference in the world as to the outcome of an experience. Obviously the "critic" was himself "an idiot" -- or a plant.

  • Bl
      3rd of Jan, 2012
    -1 Votes

    My history with Farm Bureau has always been a positive one, but I had never filed an automobile claim until November 30, 2011. On this day I hit a black bear on the interstate. The bear initially hit by the person in front of me which spun it around and left it in the middle of the road for me to run over? With that said, my car was towed that evening by a friend and dropped off at the local dealership for Farm Bureau to do their thing. I was approved for a rental up to 15 days and got into a rental car promptly. I have not had a call from Farm Bureau since this day? I have had to call to extend my rental, as well as call repeatedly and leave messages with no return calls. It is now January 3, 2012 and my 30 days rental coverage is up, I turned my rental in last night? I have no vehicle and my vehicle has yet to be evaluated to know what the problem is? I just finally spoke to my Farm Bureau claims representative for the second time today, after much prodding to get her to take my call, as she has continually passed my off to the Appraiser that is handling my car at this time. Three weeks went by with no one attending to my claim but that is not her fault, or any fault of Farm Bureau as they were waiting on the Dealership? Who is driving this bus anyway? Long story short, I am out a vehicle and it has been more than 30 days since my accident; my claims representative says I am out of luck on the extension of my rental past the 30 day mark, and I am left questioning what I am paying for and why does this individual still get a paycheck on my behalf? To err is to be human, but to place blame elsewhere is dispicable. What ever happened to customer service, as this individual blames her current case load on the inability to call me back or provide me an update? Should I not be the most important person when I'm speaking to her? You have good apples and bad apples, mine is ROTTEN?

  • Dr
      9th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    If you get Eric Smith, record every conversation!! He is a liar!

  • Du
      9th of Jun, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I am currently in a accident settlement with Farmers because one of their insured people totaled my car. Every time we speak Farmers low balls me with and offer. A $20, 000 Jeep value was worth $13, 000 to Farmers. An $11, 000 hospital emergency room visit turned into a $4, 000 bill and pain and suffering from being without a car, pulling glass, dealing with doctor visits, arguing with Farmers and all the other disruptions to our lifes was worth
    $2, 500 to Farmers so far. Every time I am told something by Farmers, it is denied and stated I must have mis understood. This is Fact and Farmers does try at every turn to Screw claimants.

  • Ja
      22nd of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes
    Farm Bureau Insurance - Failure to pay claims
    Farm Bureau Insurance
    United States
    Phone: 706-376-3121

    Refuses to negotiate offer for compensation to personal injury due to their clients' accident fault. Suffered whiplash requiring ambulance transport to hospital and months of observation under physician care.

  • Ti
      22nd of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes
    Farm Bureau Insurance - Failure to pay claims
    Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee
    United States

    On June 6th 2014 We had a severe storm in the area I live in. High winds and heavy rains. Upon arriving home from work I saw that my house had been hit hard by high winds and that 80% of the shingles on my roof were missing, screens were missing from the front windows, gutters were damaged and pulled loose from house in several places, down spouts pulled away from gutters, shutters were gone, ridge vents on roof were gone, trees were down all over the yard and the surrounding area.

    We promptly called a contractor to come tarp the roof to prevent any further damage and also called our insurance agent Paul Smith and his office turned us over the claims office. We filed the claim with them on the evening of the 6th of June. The lady told us that the adjuster would be in our area in the morning and that he would be at our house by lunch the following day. I took off the next day and waited for him to show so I could show him the damage to the interior of the home as well. I worked with the contractors on removing debris and trees all day. The adjuster never showed. I called him and he said he went to another area instead that day and that he would be there the next day. My wife took off the following day and waited for him to show. She called me at work at around 4:00 pm the next day to inform that he once again had not shown up. I called him immediately and he assured me that he would be out the following day. I took off a second day and waited for the adjuster. Finally at 3 pm on June 9th he arrived. He looked around, took a few pictures and wrote down a few things and told me he would have the claim settled in 3 days. That was 3 weeks ago. I have called him and left several messages and have not received any further correspondence from him.

    In the meantime another storm has hit on the evening of June 28th 2014 and the tarps began to leak in a few spots and allowed water to once again enter the interior of my home. I was unable to reach anyone with Farm Bureau as it was a Saturday and they would not be in office again until Monday. I had to call the contractors back out to re tarp the roof. They told me that tarps will last in these conditions usually about 2 weeks before they begin to wear through as the remaining nails and shingles will eat holes in the tarps as wind blows the tarps around.

    So now I am out around $3600.00 for contractors and have around $8000.00 in damage to my home instead of the original $5000.00 in damages and $2800.00 in contractor bills. My point to all this is to stop other consumers from being scammed by Farm Bureau Insurance in any state and to hopefully prevent others from having to go through this same thing with such a poor insurance company.

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