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FareGeek is forever on my black list! Customers like myself have long memories. I am surprised companies still do not understand that. Also, I have made a complaint to Tripadvisor for promoting FareGeek on their site. Still have not received a response from them so they are also blacklisted until they respond.

Booked a ticket Montreal-Stockholm on May 25. Paid (I thought) and received confirmation. A week later, 2 days before my departure, I receive an email from FareGeek saying my ticket has been cancelled. WTF???
I immediately call the phone number on their website, in India, and speak to someone who claims that they have tried both to call me and email me to inform me that something is wrong with my credit card. This is an utter lie since I have caller id. The person on the phone then admits they have not tried to call me. She still claims they have emailed me but when I ask for the email to be sent to me again, with a time stamp, she hangs up. I call back twice and finally someone sends me an email, claiming that it is the one they sent to me. I demanded they send me proof of delivery status but have not heard anything back.

Called my credit card company which said there is nothing wrong with my card, account you name it. They also said FareGeek has not even tried to charge my account! After reading reviews on the internet I am now convinced they never intended to charge my card, wait for the ticket to cancel (it is the airline that cancels the ticket) and then have me buy a new one for a higher price. Seems to have happened to MANY of their customers.

If you ever see a positive review for FareGeek - beware because it is probably the employees/owners who wrote it. I have since booked another ticket directly with an airline and let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with my credit card.

Also, they display VeriSign on their website but are not part of that program - another red flag. Wish I had done my research before!

Jun 04, 2013

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