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Registered Address: c/o James Greene, 1501 Capitol Avenue, MS 1503 Sacramento, California ZIP Code Exempt, Postal Code 602 1.3(e)(2), 5000 Estate Enighed, Independence, Kansas, United States
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Jacquelyn Faye Lowden™©, Estate, In care of: Occupant to Executor Office
30650 Rancho California Road, Suite D406, 19A Foreign Non Domestic
Temecula California ZIP Exempt Postal Code DMM 602 1.3(e)(2)
North America / Northwest Territory U.S.A.
UCC 1-308; 1863: Book 12 Statutes at Large, 37th Congress,
Session III, Chapter 71, Section 23
First Class. Non Domestic. Without Prejudice. UCC 1-207; 1-308
Private and Confidential
Time Sensitive

To: Timothy J. Mayopoulos, In care of: President Office
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Federal National Mortgage Association
3900 Wisconsin Avenue, North West
Washington, District of Columbia ZIP Exempt
Postal Code DMM 602 1.3(e)(2)
North America / Northwest Territory U.S.A.

Under separate cover, was refused and returned, "abandoned, " paperwork which appears to fraudulently give notice in a fictitious name, at a fictitious location, in violation of several current postal laws, and in disregrd of the location of record, foreign to and outside of the United States, being the United States of America, California Republic, place in the record by the undersigned.
The Office of the Postmaster General and the United States Inspector General have been notified, with a claim, for investigation. There has not been authorization, agreement or consent to receive any mail matter from the offices of the Central District of California in either a fictitious name, or for delivery at a fictitious location. In fact, the only authorized name and location is as set forth in this communication to comply with federal criminal statutes and postal law.
Using or causing the use of this manner of mail matter delivery cannot legally confer territorial jurisdiction. Any presumptive jurisdiction, based on use of fictitious names and fictitious locations, is rebutted and denied.
The return of this unacceptable mail matter, to your Article IV territorial court, recreated by Congres with the enactment of 24 Stat. 308, and the creation of the Central District, by Congress, by 80 Stat. 75, is for the reason that it violates Title 18, sections 1341 and 1342, and Title 39 section 3003.
The Executrix to Office of Jacquelyn Faye Lowden™©, has common-law, trademarked and copyrighted this property. See California Uniform Commercial Code, (Civil code 22.2) filings at 17-[protected] and 17-[protected].
Your capitalization of the property, renders it a Title 18 section 8, obligation of the United States, which should be forwarded directly to the United States. For the reason that the matter is acquitted, in making the United States of America, secured party for return of the interest to the principal, (see Title 12 section 95a).[without subscription, for explanation]. The use of the Jacquelyn Faye Lowden™©, Estate title, in any manner, including upon any documentation or media, which contains any copy related to the protected title and property, is a violation of trademark and copyright and unauthorized use, and when sent for mail delivery in such manner, a crime as violating federal postal law.
Further, it appears that the attempt by the Clerk of Court, was to place territorial jurisdiction of the claimant within the United States, is advocacy and assistnace to a private law BAR card enrolled in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA BAR Association. If continuing, would require full-accounting relating in any way, to anyone's personal or professional involvement as referenced above and the arrogated paperwork intrusion upon the Jacquelyn Faye Lowden™©, Estate.
As a final matter, the counterfeiting of securities, by Ditech Financial LLC formerly known as Green Tree Servicing LLC, Anthony N Renzi, Green Tree Servicing Corporation, member, David Schneider, Northwest Trustee Services Inc, Barrett Daffin Frappier Treder Weiss LLP, Jasmine Jimison, Nichole Hegel, Edward Treder, Janaya L Carter,, a division, brand of Auction.Com Commercial LLC (California registration and qualification as foreign entity CANCELED STATUS), California Multiple Listing Service, MLS # SW18104464, Gail Williams, Century 21 Preferred, Patricia Murphy, Hirata, Michael J Callahan, Lanelle L Schiefiele, are reported for Securities fraud, counterfeiting, trading contraband, filing a false claim and other crimes of sedition, in the name of your organization, the Federal National Mortgage Association. They have counterfeited notes, falsified records, abused legal process, including a non-judicial "foreclosure, " for the Federal National Mortgage Association, and are presently poised, through attorneys, Thomas J Holthus, Kevin R McCarthy, in care of: McCarthy & Holthus, LLP, 1770 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, California ZIP Exempt Postal Code DMM 602 1.3(e)(2), U.S.A., in violation of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, 444 North Capitol Street North West, Number 517
Washington, District of Columbia ZIP Exempt Postal Code DMM 602 1.3(e)(2) Telephone: [protected]; Fax: [protected], statutes, Title 21. Crimes and Punishments, §21-554. Attorneys - Buying demands for suit - Misleading inferior courts. Universal Citation: 21 OK Stat § [protected]) (fair use only, applicable pursuant to Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States): "Every attorney who either directly or indirectly buys or is interested in buying any evidence of debt or thing in action with intent to bring suit thereon is guilty of a misdemeanor, " by filing an action for eviction proceedings, upon the false claim that Federal National Mortgage Association is the holder of the loan, (counterfeiting, and contraband) and holds title to the property, in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, 444 N Capitol Sreet North West Number 134, Washington, District of Columbia, ZIP Exempt Postal Code DMM 602 1.3(e)(2), Telephone: [protected]; Fax: [protected],
Superior Court, Riverside County, Southwest Division, as Trade Account Number SWC 1801854, authorized and assisted by W. Samuel Hammrick, Elected Constitutional Executive Officer and Clerk of Court. In fact, according to the latest research of many, December 05, 2018, on the official website of Federal National Mortgage Association, you do not own the loan, never did, did not nor could authorize the foreclosure, and did not, nor could, authorize an eviction as owner of the Note and title to the property in the trade account SWC 1801854. Fannie Mae Loan Lookup Results: No Match Found,
It appears that Fannie Mae does not own your loan, based on the information you entered. Try the next steps below for assistance.
rosalyn omoyele
32861 sussex stakes street
menifee, CA 92584
Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number: ****
This appears is a racketeer influenced, corrupt activity and enterprise, to deprive the equity owner of the and it is requested that it be investigated fully to prevent harm to the equity owner, the bearer of the United States Certificate of Indebtedness, and a violation of the intellectual common-law trademarked and common-law copyrighted title, Rosalyn Ann Omoyele, "capitalized, " the represented person as principal by claimant, lowden, rosalyn ann, Attorney-in-Fact, (california civil code, section 22.2, fair use).

This activity is near the United States, but claimant is not a fictitious name, nor is claimant in a fictitious location.

Claimant has changed, permanently, the postal location, outside of the United States, in the United States of America as follows:
Jacquelyn Faye Lowden™©,
in care of Occupant to Executor Office
30650 Rancho California Road, Suite D406, 19A Foreign Non Domestic
Temecula California ZIP Exempt Postal Code DMM 602 1.3(e)(2)
North America / Northwest Territory U.S.A.

Any contrary presumption, that Claimant is within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, by submission of this form, or otherwise, is hereby REBUTTED and VOID.
Confidentiality Notice
Authorized Signatory, Certificate Bearer, Equity Owner,
Common-Law Trademarked, Common-Law Copyrighted Title Owner
Without recourse; Non Persona conjuncta
UCC 1-308; 3-402(b)(1); 3-419
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