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I went to a Famous Footwear in Ohio. I was visiting from out of state. I attempted to purchase a pair of child's shoes for 31.00. I wrote a check and it came back "declined" to my surprise, as I've never had a check decline and I had just written a check at Kohl's that same day with no problems whatsoever.

She tried to ring it again and it declined. I told her that maybe it was declining because I'm from out of state, I had no idea. I told her don't worry about it and I gave her my Visa debit card--I've been with this credit union for years and recently I got a new card and it's not like the old cards--the name and numbers are flatly printed on the card.

The associate looked at the card, then looked at me stonefaced and said, "I'm not swiping this card, it looks suspicious."

I was taken aback and told her that this card is VERY legitimate, she had my state ID as well with the card.

Associate: Do you have another form of payment, because I am not swiping that card. I have never seen a card like that and I don't want my name attached to it.

Me: So you wont even TRY to swipe my card??? There are zillions of credit cards in the world and just because YOU have never seen one like this, doesn't mean it does not exist!

Associate: What??? What are you you trying to say? That I live in a bubble?

Me: I don't know where you live, but it's a valid card. There is the eagle hologram and everything on this card and you have my ID with the card.


I told her I don't know where she lived or whatever, but my card is valid and I want her to swipe it.

Associate: I will swipe it, but only as a debit, I won't do it as a credit.

Me: Fine with me!

She swipes the card, I put my PIN number in---APPROVED.

I think it's over, but it's not.

She continues to berate me, telling me she didn't like the tone I talked to her in and if I wasn't doing anything wrong, why did I get shaky and upset!

I told her I got shaky and upset, because I don't like being accused of being a credit card criminal, when I did nothing wrong!!!

After she kept talking garbage AFTER the transaction was complete, I had enough. I didn't want the the shoes at this point.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Cuyahoga Falls, OH It was the principle of the matter now.

Me: Forget it. I've had it with you. Credit my account. I don't want the shoes now.

Associate: NO! I will not credit the account! LEAVE THE STORE!!!

Me: I will not leave the store until you credit my account!

Associate: Fine. She grabs the phone and calls the police department!

Associate on the phone with the police:
"I have a woman who will not leave the store." Pause

"African American" I then say "HA!"

She takes the phone from her ear and says, "I didn't tell them, they asked me your race!!!".

She gets back on the phone and says "okay" and hangs up.

Me: I used to work at the police department in Indiana. Let them come.

We go back and forth, me arguing YOU ARE GOING TO CREDIT MY ACCOUNT. After arguing with me, she then relents and does it.

Soon as I sign the return receipt, here comes TWO POLICE CARS.

The cop enters the store and she says, "OFFICER, ESCORT THIS WOMAN OUT THE STORE!!!".

We walk outside and I tell him how absurd this is and I didn't appreciate being accused of something, when I did nothing wrong. The officer tells me they have a right to turn down something that looks suspicious. ((whatever)))

The cop apologized and asked me for my ID. He took my information and as I was leaving, I look inside and she is in there LAUGHING and SMILING with both cops!!

So who do you think will win in this situation?

A young, white blond shoe clerk?

Or a 43-year-old college edcuated Black woman with ZERO criminal history?

I do NOT appreciate being treated the way I was, it was humiliating and I while that shoe clerk laughed and thought it was funny to send the police to the store for NOTHING, I won't rest until she is either fired or seriously reprimanded. What happened to me was wrong, point blank. I never used one expletive or was threatening to her.

Basically, I was a Black woman who intelligently held her own ground to that store and the police. I will never, ever step foot in that store again and I have forwarded my experience to corporate, with a letter detailing what happened and a letter from my credit union who were appalled that I was treated in this manner with their new "flat face" cards.

If you are black, be careful shopping in Cuyahoga Falls! I'm still reeling a week later from what I went through.

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  • Mo
      Feb 19, 2011

    Oh come on. Must just be SO NICE to be able to blame discrimination any time you are displeased with a situation. I had a very similar episode happen to me, that went the very same way as yours. It was at a Payless shoe store, same as you I had to deal with an extremely rude, ignorant, store employee and the issue was over an out of state check. Just like your case, she called the police when I refused to leave before the situation was corrected. Just like you she gave them a discription of me. I am a WHITE, educated professional. My episode resolved much like yours, but unlike you, I don't get to say it happened because I was black.

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  • Va
      Feb 19, 2011

    To the first person, I didn't act like a [censored], she was the [censored]! Furthermore, if you are not Black, save me with your "get over it" replies. I find it incredulous for a white person who doesn't have to deal firsthand with racism to tell me how I should feel or something doesn't exist. Until you walk in my shoes, your reply means nothing.

    To Mollie Wollie, at first I didn't think of it as a racial incident, until she continued this "battle of wills" with me! I was "suspicious" to her. Suspicious on what basis? I did nothing to be suspicious. Furthermore, I gave her my debit card AND identification. If I was some criminal credit card scammer, I would have merrily swiped the card myself, as there was a little machine in front of me. When my check didn't go through, I gladly handed her my card and identification. This girl was a ### from the beginning with me. I remember I was in the back looking at the clearance shoes from kids and she kept coming back there against the wall where I was, but I ignored her watching me, because I was doing nothing wrong. I hope there is video footage of my whole time I was in the store. Perhaps she was more ignorant than racist, but you better believe that my race did play a factor in her behavior. I can't expect either of you to understand, because AGAIN you don't have to deal with "shopping while black". I have a question Mollie Wollie--what did you do about that siutation? Did you leave the store before the police arrived? Did you call and complain about how you were treated?

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  • Mo
      Feb 20, 2011

    Nope, waited outside and attempted to file a report but the police were not interested. I did call during the week (this happened on the weekend) and left a message for a manager who of course never did call back. I still do not believe rascism played any role in what happened. I've read on here blacks complaining about being followed in walmart...hello, white and I've been followed in Walmart. White, and I had the same experience as you with an ignorant retail employee. I think ignorance and stupidity is far more common than racism. Had it been a white person, or asian, etc. etc. who's check didn't go thru and credit card looked "off" this nasty employee would have had the same field day with them. She was just a ###. But the race card is just so handy..."shopping while black"...get over yourself.

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  • Po
      Feb 20, 2011

    It is completely legal for them to refuse anything they deem suspcious and to deny you a refund or force you out of the store at any time. I don't agree with how she handled the situation, but she was within her rights for most of it.

    Also, please don't automatically assume her intentions were racist. She may just be terrible at customer service.

    "Furthermore, if you are not Black, save me with your "get over it" replies." Nevermind what I said. There is racism happening here, and it's you. Stop being such an entitled ###. I find it hilarious that someone has the exact same situation and you discredit it because of their race. How can you not realize how incredibly racist you are being?

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  • Va
      Feb 20, 2011

    I really didn't make this post to debate with white people on what you deem is not racist or not, nor will I get into a pointless discussion with any of you of how you believe we live in this utopian c0untry and racism doesn't exist. Again, until you become black, and walk in a black person's shoes, your keystrokes are worthless.

    How dare you call me some entitled ###!!! The responses on here are very telling of you all. Really? LOL As far as calling me an ###, is your IQ that small that you can't refrain from name calling? Grow up.

    Furthermore, from my past experiences, white women have a MAJOR sense of entitlement unlike no other and YES I do too. Yes, I know that will sound racist to you, but it's true. White women expect to be treated kindly and dammit, I expect it too! So if that makes me entitled, then so be it. Why is it that white women you expect the best, but black people should just accept anything. YOU are the ones who need to get over yourselves!!

    When I am in a place of business, I expect to be treated with common courtesy and respect, just like I am going to treat the person handling my business with respect as well. Call it entitlement, call it whatever the hell you want, but I will not stand to be racially profiled and treated like garbage.

    To Mollie Wollie--HA! So the cop would not even bother making a report. Well guess what--I didn't get that luxury. I called the police department later to see if a report was filed and yes, a mini report as they called it was FILED that said woman gave clerk a hard time. How laughable. So there you go--the police didn't bother to put a report in your name, but they sure as hell did so with me, even though I was completely in my rights for asking for a refund. If that insufferable witch would have just given my refund, I would have gladly left the store.

    Again, this is a complaint board about a business, I'm not in here to discuss racial politics with any of you. Find somewhere else to troll please.

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  • Va
      Feb 20, 2011

    All of your nasty responses really make me wonder--if I had not stated I was black--if I had just shared this experience and left my race out of it, I wonder if your responses would have been the same. I'm 100% certain your responses would have been different.

    Again, when race is brought up, it really exposes the white psyche.

    Well, I've said everything I wanted to say--have a great day and life! I won't be back to this board. It's pointless. You will never understand the way I feel, that I have to constantly fight stereotypes, etc., and I won't understand how you feel as a white person. That's just life I suppose.

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  • Po
      Feb 20, 2011

    I don't expect the best. I understand this is a world of turmoil and unhappiness. However, I realize that there are multiple reasons for said turmoil and it is not always the simplest reason. I was once treated very poorly by a coworker. I thought it was because he had something against me personally, but it turned out that his best friend had just died. You shouldn't be okay with the way you were treated and no one here is saying that. We are saying that you shouldn't automatically call racism. Some people are just terrible at customer service or unhappy with their own workplace. Should you fight it? Hell yes. Should you assume it's because you're black? No.

    I like how you pin me down for name calling, but you are completely allowed to call your clerk an "insufferable witch."

    If you didn't want people to disagree with you then you shouldn't have posted on the internet. But to answer your question, yes, my comment would have been the same. Black, white, asian, indian, mexican, whatever: The clerk was rude, but she within her rights to refuse a refund, be suspicious, and kick you out of the store. You deserve to complain but waiting for the police to come instead of leaving of your own accord shows a little of your participation in the problem.

    I hope you realize what a pathetic, racist individual you are. Saying "all white women have a sense of entitlement" is extremely racist. YOU are part of the problem.

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  • Mo
      Feb 21, 2011

    What i said was...I wanted to file a report and they refused to file one on my behalf. I have no idea if the store filed one or not, I never checked. Boy are you a cry baby. Poor poor discriminated against you.

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  • He
      Apr 10, 2011

    I think that "white people" as you say do have race issues. We are automatically called racists just for being white. We are racist because we look to long at someone or are rude to some one. It was very wrong for that ### to be rude to you. I have a black sister and yes we do get followed more when we are with her but we get followed without her too and i am in no way saying that shopping while black is not a real thing. I worked for a company that encouraged us to follow other races but i dont feel that just because the cashier was white does that mean it was souly racely motivated she also was a major ###.

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