Famous Footwearcustomer service/sales associate

My husband went into famous footwear today (October 5/17) at Tswassen Mills to inquire about rain boots between 1130-130 pst. He spoke with a woman (who appeared to be a manager) to ask about rain boots and sizing for a child. The sales associate refused to help and stated to look "over there " with the rest of the shoes. My husband asked about sizing, which the woman responded with "oh we don't carry that brand." My Husband stated that 12c was not a brand but a youth size. Really??! You work at a shoe store and don't know sizing? My husband further asked about brands and styles, to which the woman rolled her eyes and pointed for my husband to look on his own. For a store that wasn't busy, the sales associate clearly had no time to help my husband who was only trying to find shoes for our child. My husband walked right out and purchased shoes from another store. With this lack of personal skills, we will never shop at this store again. I have left a review on the tswassen mills site regarding this poor interaction as I hope it ever happens to anyone else.

Oct 06, 2017

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