Famous FootwearPoor business

I was recently shopping in a local Famous Footwear store to exchange tennis shoes I received for Christmas--with the gift receipt. I found a different brand for the same amount of money, and I was adding a second pair with the "buy one, get one half off" deal. Posted around the store were several signs that said, "spend $100, get $20 off, limited time only" (no dates specified). As my daughter and I walked to the front counter we passed the Sketchers Shape-Ups display. I have been wanting a pair of these, due to my profession, but I do not have the extra $100 to spend on a single pair of shoes right now. I remembered the $20 off $100 sign that I saw, and re-read the one that was right next to the Shape-Ups display--no exculsions posted. I took the pair of Sketchers and a second pair of other shoes up to the checkout counter to purchase. I was told that the $20 off $100 purchase sale was over the previous day, and Shape-Ups were excluded anyway. The associate next to the one ringing me out said something under her breath and rushed out to the floor to take down the three signs I had seen. I asked for the discount anyway, and was told they didn't have the coupon any longer to scan, and Shape-Ups were excluded. I told her there was no sign stating that, and she told me there had been a sign the previous day that was taken down. I asked if a manager could make the exception, since it was the associates working that day who made the mistake, was laughed at, and was again told no. I made my exchange with the first pair of Nike shoes that I picked, and left upset. I called the customer service number to make a complaint, and was told there was nothing they could do for me. I asked to be in contact with a district manager. The representative took my contact information, and I was promised to be contacted within 24-48 hours. Six days later, I still have not heard from anyone regarding this matter. I will no longer shop at Famous Footwear, and will not let my family. I also am telling everyone I know. This was very poor customer satisfaction that could have gone the opposite direction, with me bragging of how great Famous Footwear is. Too bad for them. My family spends at least $1000 or more per year on school shoes, socks, holiday shoes, boots, basketball shoes, baseball spikes, football spikes, Easter shoes, summer flip-flops, everyday shoes, tennis shoes, ect...too bad they have lost our business.

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