Fairpoint Communications / Billing customer Services

I have had bad internet connections for almost 3 years they come out and say nothings wrong the guy never ran the internet cable right its ran through a window thats shut on the wire because he didnt have tools to drill a hole in the wall ... my phone is static all the time ... when you call them and complain they give you the run around like theres alot of stupid people working there. and now billing omg the billing we now i have to pay 1 month in advance every month my bill used to be only 74 bucks amonth which is a rip off is now 134 amonth . its a rip off because i have dial up speeds im not lying and only basic phone service like 200 long distance mins and caller id voicemail ... they are ripping people off i wish i new how to SUE the hell out of them and give me every penny i paid ... and i think they should give money back to every person that has or had services ... Thanks please dont choose fair point they dont care about you or how they treat you... you can call me anytime i will tell you more... and to think GOOGLE has partnered up with fairpointe in oklahoma... So there goes GOOGLE!!!

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