Fairfield Inn and Suites / bed frame in room

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

We stayed for an engagement celebration and the room we received was nice and spacious however the bed frame was a major safety hazard. With an infant, I was constantly using the bed as a changing station for diaper changes and clothes. T

The bed frame was offset on the frame and seemed not completely connected or correct. The bed frame rails which keeps the box spring in place was sticking out as it was imbalanced. The part that was sticking out from all sides of the bed were extremely sharp and hurtful. Causing leg injury to my legs as well as my husbands. My legs got scratched and bruised up several times as well as my expensive gown that I was to wear for the engagement ceremony got torn from getting caught on the sharp bed rail part. This bed is a major safety hazard.

Fairfield Inn and Suites
Fairfield Inn and Suites

Jun 26, 2017

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