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Eyeglass World / Refund

1 Altamonte Springs, FL, United States

Dp yourself a favor and do NOT do business with this store inparticular or this company. After not being satisfied with my eyeglasses (didn't like them in general and they couldn't be adjusted properly after several tries) I returned them as the back of my paperwork said "100% Satisfaction guarantee" within 30 days. I returned to the store not even 24 hours later..the $217 I paid with cash I was told would have to come in the form of a check..bummer, I thought, but it would "only take 14 business days"..20 business days came and went so I called the store and got corporate's number, AS I had already spent my money elsewhere on glasses and contacts and rent and other bills were coming due and I needed my money!..after having to research this, I was called back and told the store manager "never submitted the paperwork" for my refund and now I will "have to wait another month"???? No! No way! I can't! That's my money and I need it! And who is running the customer service department anyway?? This is not how you treat customers! I googled when I was waiting for my refund just to check and see if anyone else had a problem or if this process went smoothly and of course, see for yourself, everyone seems to run into this. I was hoping I wouldn't but here I am. At a time when every penny counts they're going to make me wait another month and will I receive it then? Will I ever receive my money? This is not fair and this is a horrible place, period! Now just received, how ironic, as I'm writing this, a call from Natalie in customer service..she said they found my refund and will be sending it out Friday..I asked her to verify my address bc I do not/cannot have this NOT come I am already late on my bills and she said of my street..I said NO it's 463 NAME OF MY STREET...they had the number of my address/street wrong!! It is not Natlie's fault, she has been very helpful, I want ot point that out, but this has been a nightmare. I am truly sick to my stomach.


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