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Vancouver, WA, United States

I recently reduced my morphine sulphate intake from 60mg 3 times daily to 45 mg 3 times daily. Because they don't make a 45mg I have to take one 15mg and one 30mg 3 times daily. Not only am I having to pay two copays vs one. But now because it throws the pill count higher I have to have doctor overidea because of a intern rule of pill count that express scripts has. Doctor has constantly sent in fax and forms but I keep getting denied from express scripts. Inspite of my doctor sending in approvals.
This company is not only incompetent but is responsible for causing me pain and withdraws from a medication that I néed to take to manage my pain. I am expecting to join a lawsuit any day now as I a seeking a lawyer. Surely I can't be the only one they are doing this too. Yet another class action suit against them is in the works. Anyone availabe or want to take my case. My doctor has Evidence of neglect and fraud.

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May 10, 2017

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