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ExpertRating / Scam

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

One word: SCAM.
Do not join their online-courses service. It’s crap.
I enrolled for one of their courses; my first impression was to find the course itself full of mistakes (spelling, missing words…). Well, I already paid for my course, so I just let go and finished the tests with a high score.
Second, I thought it was a US accreditation and that the website is ran by Americans… In the Privacy Policies section, you can read that you can contact them through their New York address…
Shocked to receive a cheap and poorly printed so-called certificate from INDIA (!!!) a month later… The paper is just cheap quality, with text poorly printed.
What is more suspicious is that, well, since I finished my course, I didn’t try to log in to my student page… but it appears I’m somehow banned… I cannot log in anymore! I tried and tried, and even asked to retrieve my password, but they say none is registered with my email, which is just impossible, because it is one and only email I have and the only one I enrolled with for that stupid course!
I do not think at all that they are ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Even their certificate seal looks fake. It can easily be falsified. It is not a seal, it’s just a printed circle, and trust me if I say it’s ugly.
I cannot show this certificate to any employer! I bet they would first suspect me creating it. It is just far from being a real certificate.
I guess online training and certification schools are popping up all over our Internet! They look great, claim to be the most recognized and accredited certifications, and offer affordable online courses…
I lost $29.99 for a piece of ###. But thank God I didn’t enroll for another course with this company before receiving this certificate-joke.
So, anyone reading this warning… don’t do the same mistake!

Pictures of what I received from ExpertRating are attached as proofs.


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  • Su
      28th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    No Scam !
    Inspite of the protean scam parties in internet, expertrating are clean and not robbers.
    I had frequent experiences with them and I can give them 75% score or reliability.
    Moreover, it is a matter of pride that India enters competition market face to face with westerners.
    I can strongly advise expertrating to make more and more certificates in medical subspecialities ( like dermatology - cardiology - paediatrics... ).
    I am sorry to say that westerners'imperialism is among the reasons for attacking expertrating.
    master black belt in 6 sigma is simply written by expertrating in about 150 pages, while others offer it in a more complicated files.That gives employees chance to work and study simutanously.Moreover, expertrating do not necessiate stepping ( white belt followed by yellow belt followed by green belt followed by black belt ) like westerners do.They tell you : if you achieve the passing score, you will take the certificate.On the other hand, american universities take $2000 versus $200 of expertrating and if you object the stepping they will joke at you by saying: did you know biostatistics ? !
    The only black side of expertrating is their intimate relation with paypal.Paypal is their third party.Paypal, inspite of it's enormous capital, are clever and problem makers.They want to dominate expertrating.Step by step, they want to enforce you to pay through them.That makes one or two dollar gain to paypal per checkout, which, in my opinion is a frank steal.Moreover, paypal many times ignore your emails and suspend your complains.Also, their password and username sometimes do not work.
    The bottom line is : expertrating is a good company.By comparing my TESOL certificate from canada to master black belt from india, india is much better.And when comparing TESOL diploma from canada to TOEFL certificate from america, canada is much better.
    The reason is : ethnicity imperialism and monopoly greed !

  • Ve
      8th of Nov, 2017
    0 Votes

    I have two certificates from Expert Rating. None of my course material contained spelling errors, but you know what, every day when I read the news online I found dozens of spelling errors, so what is your point anyway. Both of the courses I took provided me with the information that I was looking for, allowing me to enhance my job skills. I have had no problems with the website, logging on or how my certificates looks. I also have no issue with the company being based in India or any other country other than the United States.

  • Mo
      27th of Nov, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I agree
    Experating is legit. Unfortunately the BBB grade is a F due to several complaints. The companies advertised on their website would have sued by now for false advertisements if they were scamming. My card info has yet to be compromised, so scam no inexpensive yes. It's so easy for people to post negative comments but at the end of the day it's certifications not degrees :/

  • Mc
      31st of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    Well I'm reading everyone comments and wondering why I'm locked out of my account right now! I've finally got to the point of being ready to take my exam and now I cannot get back in. I've tried different internet sites like google chrome, fire fox and each one said's that the website is no longer there. I even went back to my emails to try to email them and it said the email address is no longer found. Now I have purchased a combo package and have paid damn near $200.00. So I'm looking for answers right away or I'm filing a complaint! I knew this was to good to be true!

  • Ra
      20th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    I think that the company is ok i recieved a certificate in creative writing and had no problems with the materials
    the certificate came as a thick pieced of paper and the seal for expert rating . i will recommended this site

  • Ex
      9th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Rafael e Reyes you will only screw someone if you do trust me, they denied the fact i took my certification and i even sent them a picture . its [censored] . all these years ive been working with clients and im not even truly certified . I feel like a fake right now and not too sure where to go from here.

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