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I recently made the mistake of booking a hotel room for my wife and daughter through I received two confirmation #s from Expedia and my wife verbally confirmed the room. When they arrived at the hotel they were told that the room was never booked. Luckily the hotel took it upon themselves to find other accommodation for my wife and daughter as well as three other guests that had booked fictitious rooms through

I have used lots of other services to book Hotels and Airline tickets and never had a problem. This was the first and last time I will use

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  • Jo
      16th of Aug, 2007
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    It seem that EXPEDIA is bad everywhere. This is a list of recent complaints about EXPEDIA (including my case that proves EXPEDIA is a scammer).

  • Am
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    FYI: In view of all the complaints against Expedia, when planning your next trip , know that Expedia also owns, Hotwire, TripAdvisor and Classic Vacations

  • Ka
      29th of Jan, 2008
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    I work for expedia and you're passing the blame to the wrong people. If you're room had confirmation codes, then it was booked. Expedia does not just pull these codes from their ###, the reservation is sent to the hotel and the hotel then sends us THOSE codes.

    If you don't want to use expedia, that is definatly your choice, but at least know before you go passing blame.

  • Je
      29th of Jan, 2008
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    hey guys you all ###ing suck monkey dick ok you dono the process it takes to do the ### they do so why don't you all site in your own stupid ### from your mouth and stick your fingures up each others ###'s k. oh and expedia is the best because you slap nut ###s say its not hahaha you all smell like dry donky ### hahaha oh and umm sorry for your bad times with expedia i am sorry it wasn't werse hahaha your heads are empty arn't they cuz there is no intelagent talk on here thats why i am here to bash you dumb ###s who wine about life all day and have nothing better to do but feel sorry for your selves and feel the world or in this case expedia owes you something .... like ### they do you owe your self a good kick in the ### for being retarted

  • Da
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    Ever heard of "overbooking" by hotels? It happens too... they sometimes have deals going with other hotels in their own group. I overbook here so I can send customers your way... Never mind, they send us a confirmation number...
    That way they can again play the game and we cannot then ask for a refund on your behalf because "they supplied you with a room after all".

    Airlines and hotels do it all the time...
    there is nothing Expedia can do about it... we book, you pay, you have the confirmation number and the hotel oversells... just like airlines do.

  • Li
      27th of Jul, 2008
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    It would be nice to hear that people can have a bad experience and not be abused by people who are just bored and want to swear at people. Like any corporation Expedia is very strategic and know very well that they are ripping people off daily. I booked a trip and the expedia person took it upon themselves to book the wrong dates and I have called every few days for over a month and they still take no responsability for the mistake on there part. then they charged us twice on our credit card for the same trip and still take no responsability. We continue to not hear back from them and they shift the owness on to the next supervisor which then you half to explain again. I have no way of knowing how to deal with this as they keep not responding. Customer service is hearing and making the appropriate decisions based on that information, but they will have no part in this. Good luck to the next poor sole that is stolen from. Theft of money and false information you would think is a crime.

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