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Exclusive Furniture / visit to humble store

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To whom it may concern 

I visited your store locate in Humble, Tx my sales representative was Joey Garcia he was a nice guy. I purchased a James King Bed Room Set, I was told there was no delivery for Saturday's but the next available date was Thursday the 20th I received a automated call on the 19th to confirm me delivery between 11am and 2 so I made arrangements for someone to be available. On that Thursday of my delivery about 7:30am the guy will like to deliver I told him I was not available, he was there @ 11 on the dot, I got home and and saw my bed and dresser and night stand was not what I picked out!!! I immediately called and spoke to Sherilyn and I asked to speak to a manger she tells me they are all busy I told her I want to speak to him now well of course I held and Eric NEVER came to the phone nor return my phone call, no one called to even see if I even received my delivery I have been to other stores and received delivery and they called to see if I received my order. Well I called back Friday @1:20 and spoke to Wilbur Marshall that apologize and stated he will find out what happened and assured me he will call me back I asked what can he do for error that was made I asked if he can give me pillows (2) because of there mistake he stated he will speak to my sales representative Joey and call me back and NEVER did! But had I not been at home I would have had to pay a re delivery fee!! He stated he will call me back yesterday with a delivery time for today the 22nd of September I NEVER received a call, but what I did receive was a another automated call to confirm my delivery for Monday between 11-2 VERY VERY UNACCEPTABLE AND AN INCONVENIENT 

#1 Eric in management said he would call back and didn't!

#2 Wilbur stated he will call me back and he didn't! And all he wanted to offer me was $100.00 in store credit I fill that was just to shut my mouth NO I'M VERY PISSED AND IM SURE SAM ZAVARY does not run his business like this!!!

#3. I called the corporate office I was given [protected] by Sherilyn and given this email because again no manger was available per Vivian [email protected]:35 today.

#4. I had to use my gas and come to the store because my phone calls where being ignored and not important enough, I get to the store today and asked for manger on duty and I be damn it's Eric that never returned my call and Wilbur that did the same so I asked for them both to come to the front only Wilbur came and yes I was pissed as I'm sure you would be, he so called say he left a message and said he couldn't have my dresser and night stand delivered today but he can Monday at my convenience which was 6:00pm I asked for his business card he come back with his card and Delivery manger Marinda, she explain that she can't have my delivery until Monday I told her I work she also asked what time I will be available I told her 6:00pm she also stated she will make sure I have my delivery for Monday the 24th of September, and also ask me about a lamp as a convenience if I want to walk around the store no I don't!! I asked for Pillows $100 gift card or a lamp is like a slap in my face!!! I'm furious my clothes are not back in the draw because I don't have one because I was delivered the wrong items!! If I cancel my bank account there will be a truck to pick up the items the same day with no problem and several days until they get what they want the bed room set!!! 

Well today is Monday the 24th of September 8:11pm and guess what Sam Zavary you guessed right I still don't have my DRESSER OR NIGHTSTAND!!! Maria called @ 3 something today and stated the delivery guys were done early and was trying to deliver I told her speak with Marinda or Wilbur @ the Humble location because again we had confirmed 6:00 Monday the 24th! I called your store and spoke to Peter @ 7:45 he said he will speak to Wilbur and call me back will guess what you guessed right again he didn't call me back Wilbur did and he act as he didn't have a clue of what was going on! Saying they came @ 5:30 and stayed for 20 minutes and sent pictures they were here my husband was here before I was I got home no later then 5:45pm!! Now Wilbur want to assure me again for Tuesday the 25th for delivery of there mistake I'm PISSED considering the 1st payment have been taken out our account for something we don't have!! And a $100 in store credit is what I was offered!! 

I will be intouch with the news station!!! I guess because I didn't spend thousands of dollars I'm less important!! 

I would like a reply from Sam Zavary!!!
let's not mention I get a call from a Jessica on the 25th @ 1:22 to see how the delivery went yesterday and laughed when I said I didn't get it!!!
I finally received my dresser and night stand today 5 days later than when I received my bed.
Mrs Henderson

Sep 25, 2018

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