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when they first acquired my mortgage, they failed to pay my insurance, then charged me almost triple the old rate for the month or so I had no homeowners insurance. They refused to budge saying they were a government entity and could get away with it.
my payments are 10-20% higher because of this and also unauthorized fees added to the escrow account. Over $250 was charged to escrow to pay out someone who says I owe them money.
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I would seriously consider never getting another mortgage because of the possibility it could be sold to a company like this without my permission.

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      15th of Feb, 2010

    Everhome Mortgage Company is a predatory lender. My loan was sold to them by Regions Bank. They have added fees on top of fees to my account. I have sent several letters to the CEO, and customer service which was all to no avail. I recently filed a bankruptcy and Everhome never agreed to reaffirm which is a violation of my Civil Rights. I am fighting battles on top of battles with them. My mortgage is current but due to bankruptcy laws they are saying I can never receive statements. I have an extensive file of the violations they have committed against me. I am sure if this is happening to me it has to be happening to others. I am a widow with 6 children and I work two jobs and attend school. If there is an attorney out there reading this PLEASE HELP ME... I am sure if we all come together we can file a civil suit or class action suit against this company. Complaining on line is an option but as tax payers we need ACTIONS. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL @ [protected] If enough of us get together and we work at this we might be able to bring our own suit against the company and avoid excessive attorney fees. I am ready and willing.

    Ms. Stegall

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  • Pr
      30th of Sep, 2010

    What state are you in? Your situation sounds almost exactly like ours all the way down to the well prepared files of violations. We sought a local lawyer but could not find one within a 50 mile radius that would even talk with us because the "special referee" assigned to all foreclosure proceedings is well known in this area and no one wanted to involve a suit that would untimately invove the referee assigned. (considering he had the chance to stop the foreclosure at the hearing where we showed him every months bank statement for 2years with automated draft payments to EverHome. They claimed we were 3 months past due and we had never missed a payment. In fact, we discovered in the research process that the $10.00 extra a month we paid towards our principal was in fact drafted every single month with the mortgage payment but the principal payments were never applied to our account. We never checked on this or noticed it because EverHome doesn't send statements and we were pretty certain that if the company was drafting both amounts that both would be applied. With just that little bit, the special referee declined to accept our evidence stating that the mortgage company keeps comprehensive records and he saw no reason to doubt that we were not in the wrong somehow. So, he could have stopped things then but I'm not sure if he would have received his commission for completing the "96" foreclosure hearings he had scheduled for that one day!!!) There are many other issues regarding our case that are blatantly illegal and I have been depressed for two years now trying to come to terms with our home being stolen and no one giving a flip. The more I read about others in the same situation only infuriates me and motivates me to re-open my search for someone to help us recoupe the loss of our home as well as the money stolen from us in the way of "extra principal payments" I cannot let this go and will not! I owe it to my children who have been living in a two bedroom house for two years now because real estate is so bad in our area and we now have a foreclosure on our credit which practically ensures that we will never own our own home again. my email is [protected]
    Mrs. Finley and Mommy of 3

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