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I just graduated from Everest...a lot of good it did. I signed up in 2006 and was told my whole degree would be covered by my loans and pell grant. I graduate this July and find out I can't get my degree because I owe $1200.00...WTF. This isn't the only problem I have had with this school...PLEASE BEWARD PEOPLE WHEN LOOKING INTO THIS SO-CALLED "SCHOOL"

They never return phone calls, put you in classes with no books, I can go on and on.

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  • Di
      Aug 31, 2009

    Oh my I guess I'm not the only one, my gratuation is near and they are saying I owe 1, 200. Not only that one of ex-classmates that I keep in contact with and her friend is saying the same thing. Something has to be done.

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  • Pe
      Oct 11, 2009

    I am currently attending, started in May, they won't even tell me how much one of my books cost, they say I have no financial aid left over out of my financial aid and loans theres not a dime left but I know of other people going to online school that have extra money left. They refuse to give me a copy of my financial aid award letter, How is that possible! Don't I have the right to know how much money I got that I have to pay back???

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  • Sy
      May 04, 2010

    everest university is a crook college, they can't transfer their credits to any school.
    Yes you are entitled but they are never going to give it to you! it time you went to community college!

    i wonder why they are even receiving financial aid fron the government their retention is below 30% od forbid they are the second largest after phoenix, and yes they are preying on poor student by denying access to trheir records,
    i got a question, where is the school located. Arizona or Florida. go figure another Maddock at Everest.!!!

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  • Pj
      Nov 30, 2011

    I started my Bachelors Degree and my student ad-visor vanished. I have a disability and they instructed me that I needed to continue the class due to financial aid funding even if the material I was provided was not the material I was to receive as I am legally blind. They took the entire year of my financial funding and I'm unable to start back to college until January of next year as they have yet to return the funds for classes not taken so there are no funds for my classes so they have cost me time and many funds that I have to repay based on their recommendations and lack of supplying me with the educational resources necessary that I was tole was available to me as well as told numerous times it was shipped only to learn it never came. This is unbelievable and I just hope this will let others no to not go here so that they don't loose time in their career and educational goals. This should be against the law. How do they get away with this. Maybe there needs to be a class action suite started.

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  • Hb
      Jun 03, 2016
    Everest University Online - School is a book of lies
    United States

    This school are really like street thug criminals and seems that they are liars and i feel they knew that closing was coming about and they choose not to explain what was going on as after they closed they was calling me lying saying that school was going to be the same and that nothing was going to change but the money really i have so many books that was paid for by me that i never needed. As i already had it on top of that are books was online cause they must have forgotten that they said no more print books unless we had to have it but that only seem to make things more expensive.

    Ii had to get a MONEY forM genesis why i don't know and i have been making the payments till i saw my funding page from the day i started and t seems accounting must have some drug issues as it is all wrong and makes no sense at all when i began to add it all up. I was told from my first degree.

    That i would have job placement oh lord i got them to help on a resume that i basically did it all myself as they did nothing to help or to pursue any kind of job placement homeland security credentials never got those after all the testing i did they never help with pi information for my state like they promised me they have ruined my credit i can't even get a car by far they are just full of it and i have just begun to let the word know as this is crazy and not legal. They have forged my docusign on their paperwork so many times. I had only one term left and the

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