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Everest Institute / Poor quality of care for students

1 Rochester, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 585-266-0430

I am currently attending Everest Institute & I have 2 quarters left (thank God)!!! My story may sound meanial to some but it really really pissed me off. So I posted on the Everest website that the school sucked & I was pissed off at how I was being treated. Well as you will see Everest hired a Jon B. to "monitor" the website. He sure was friendly at first, boy did he want to help me solve my issue, I was impressed!! How naive I can be and at 34 I am pathetic!!! Lesson learned though!! I will send all that I can hopefully in the proper order of events. Nonetheless PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE research before you choose this school!! They really are out to get just your money!! My best advice is to go to your local community college. And finally if you do run into problems during or after attending...and God forbid you speak the truth...they will ban you from the website or erase your comments altogether!! Good Luck & God Bless:
Hi Jon, I will tell you all. Wed. Sept. 1st I woke up not feeling well. I have a 12:00 class only at the East campus in Rochester, NY. After taking some Milk of Magnesia I decided to give it a go & attempt class. It's the only one I have on Wednesdays. Half way to school I had to "use the facilities" & just prayed I would get to school on time!! When I got to school I was stopped at the 2nd door by the security guard. Mind you, I thought he put his hands on me!! He said I can't let you in the building & I said excuse me...why? He said bc you are wearing flip-flops. Ohh I said...but I don't have a lab class so I'm all set!! He said it didn't matter that I had to have sneakers on. (I knew about the new dress code at Everest...that if u r in Medical Assisting you have to wear your scrubs even if you don't have a lab class), I didn't know they were enforcing a shoe policy as well & said as much. Well, the se curity guard looked at me & said why don't we ask your fellow classmates what they think I should let you do? See, there were 2 girls standing to the left of the entrance door in front if Jim Teales office (he is the dean of the East campus). Now not only were these girls not my fellow classmates...I had never seen them before. The one girl said I should be let in cause it sounded like I reAlly didn't know about the new rule but make sure I wore sneakers the next time, & the other girl said I should be let in too bc she thought I didn't know the new rule too, but that be sure that next time I wore my sneakers. The security guard said ok I am going to let you go in today bc I believe you didn't know the new policy but also bc I have never seen you b4 you must be new. I turned to him & said Sir...I have been coming here for 2 years now!! Well I've never seen you b4 was again his response. I walked away & as I did he shouted remember at me while pointing his finger at me. Needless to say I used the facilities spoke with my teacher & left. When I got home I called the school to complain..1. bc I truly believed he had put his hands on me which is uncalled for & 2. he involved 2 otther students for no reason when it was none of their business. I told the receptionist a short story of what happened & was directed to the Presidents secretary Karen. After speaking with her (she was extremely helpful & concerned for my well-being), she told me she would call me back ASAP. Two hours went by so I called her back & left a voice message. Another hour & half I decided to go a different route, so I called & got Christine who was answering the phones. I asked to be directed to the East Campus which she said she didn't think they were answering over there but she put me through anyway. When no one answered I hit 0 & got redirected back to her. I said can I have Mary Hodges please to which her response was...if you wanted her in the 1st place why didn't you just ask? Let me transfer!!! (I want to know if phone conversations r recorded so someone can listen to how rude she was to me)!!! So Mary Hodges answered & I told her my story. I told her I needed to know if I should get a lawyer bc my step-father is (acctually he's retired but I was so upset I kept saying is) a parole officer for Irondequoit & he told me to call the police bc no one should have touched me. Mary said no let's try to settle this 1st. She said she was going to talk to the appropriate people & she didn't know how long it would be before someone returned my call, but she would get back to me too. Within 5 minutes I received a call. I said hello...and it was Jim Teale the dean of the East campus. He said Kim I'm Jim Teale & Karen the Presidents secretary told me you neede to ospeak to me right away, what's goin on? I told him & as I was he kept making smart ### remarks like...well that doesn't sound right...that doesn't sound like him...& when I got to telling him about the police he said fine call the police very sarcastically & I literally lost it Jon!!! I was thinking r u kidding me right now!! I said who the ### do you think your talking to??? Jim said excuse me & I said you don't know who you are dealing with buddy!!! I really don't remember much after that I know I calmed down bc he said he would review the tape of the guard to see if he touched me. I forgot to say that I also told him if he were to put the 2 girls standing at his door in front of me I would not recognize them, hr still said 2 minutes later or less well who are the girls. I thought REALLY...Really I just got done telling you I would not recognize them I have never seen them before, I felt like he wasn't listening to me!! So he said he would talk to the guard, the girlks, & review the tape. On Wednesday the 8th of September I had 12:00 class as usual, however we had to do a survey for the school so when i finished since some of my classmates weren't done yet I went & saw Mary. Oh yeah I forgot when I got off the phone with Jim Teale I called Corinthian Colleges & spoke with Dean bc I could not believe how Jim had spoken to me & reacted. Dean told me to write everything down & give a copy to Mary Hodges ASAP. I gave Mary Hodges my statement on Weds. Sept. 8th 2010. We talked & I told her how I felt about Jim & that he had upset me sooooo bad that I had "dropped the f bomb" on him!! Mary said I couldn't do that but what was done was done & I told her he had REALLY upset me!!! She went & found Jim Teale & they came to Mary Hodges office together where I was waiting. When Jim Teale came into the room he was very loud & obnoxious sounding to me, Kim he boomed I'm Jim Teale & we spoke last Wedn. Sept.1 2010. Jon, he sat down & we looked each other dead in the eyes. He did start insulting me bc he said something about me cursing at him on the phone, but it sounded threatening to me. I don't think he knew I had told Mary Hodges that I had sworn at him. Like I said his demeanor & attitude matched how he spoke to me over the phone so I was again upset. He told me he reviewed the tape & that the security guard did not at any time touch me, which I responded to well...I really thought he did!! I do know this much he was in my personal space...a little too close for comfort...know what I mean?? And then Jim Teale said he spoke with the two girls outside his door at the time & that both girls said they just offerred their opinion. My response to that was they were lying & that the security guard had specifically asked them what he thought they should let him do to me. Jim Teale said there was no way to prove it bc there was no audio on the tape. They asked me what they could do to remedy the situation & I asked to speak with the security guard. So, they brought him into Mary Hodges office with Mary Hodges, Jim Teale, & myself present. He sat across from me at the desk. I asked him if he remembered me & if he remembered stopping me from entering the building on Wedn. Sept. 01, 2010 bc I had flip-flops on. He replied vaguely, to which I responded vaguely you remember me or the situation, to which he said both. I found this hard to believe if Jim had questioned him about the incident already. Anyway, I told him I would refresh his memory & so I began recalling the details. He interrupted me when I told him that the 1st girl said to let me in, to which he said I did let you go...I said can I finish...he waved his hands & started raising his voice & said but I did let you in!! Again I asked him if I could finish talking, I said there;s more though!! I said yes you did let me go only after you heard the other girl say to let me go too. But you also said you thought I was new & you had never seen me before, which Jim Teale said to me yyou can't pin him for that he's new here. In fact Jim Teale said it twice to me, maybe even 3 times, which I couldn't comprehend bc the security guard had told me he had never seen me b4 as though he had been working at Everest for years, when he stopped me. So, I said then why did you say that to me bc I told you I have been here for 2 years? The security guard told me that he had no idea the girls were not my classmates & that I had never seen them b4. he said he trys to make friends with the students. (My thoughts on this is REALLY...REALLY...c'mon is that in your job description, but I kept my mouth shut). He said that he was oking around with me that day & that I obviously didn't see that, & he said he was sorry, he said it was his "bad" several times to me. He also said that everything I had reiterated back to him was true up to where I said he pointed his finger at me & shouted remember. my response ti him was ok...r u vaguely sure or what, to which he said what, and I again repeated my question of r u vaguely sure you recall it that way?? He looked very sheepishly at me, which made me wonder if he was told to say certain things to me, & it may have backfired on him. I was suspicious. Jim Teale then said Kim what can we do to resolve this & I told them I wanted to see the tape but then again if there was no audio what good would that do me. I also said I felt like I was backed into a corner bc according to Jim Teale he had spoken to both girls & they had the same story. i told them the two girls were lying but who would believe me. I do know that I should have asked to speak with the girls but by this point I was REALLY upset & angry so I looked at the security guard & said dont look at me don't speak to me nothing...& picked up my books & left. As I did the security guards mouth was agape & Jim Teale was shouting literally shouting...thanks Kim he repeated it thanks Kim...thanks after that the door had shut!! His attitude stinks, i feel like he was mocking me!!! All around Jon I am not happy with how I was treated, I think the security guard was told what to say in Jim Teales private quarters. Mary Hodges is the only one who has been sympathetic towards me during all of this!! In fact I was asked what could be done & I said get rid of the security guard & Jim Teale had said to me he never touched you so I WILL NOT fire him. As I said b4 I did not verbally say anything but the security guard was definitely in my personal space & made me feel extremely uncomfortable which can probably be seen on the tape. Soooo Jon thats it, there you go. When I got home yesterday I called Dean & left him a message at Corinthian Colleges to complain about Jim Teale but I have yet to hear back from him. Thank you for your time Kim Martinez! This was Jon B.'s reply:
Hi Kim, this is Jon from Everest's Campus Support Center. I saw your comment on our Page and was hoping you could give me as many details as possible on your situation. Can you give me a chronological breakdown of what's happened and the names of the people involved? I'm going to do what I can to help you here; hopefully, I'll be able to speed up the response process as well. :)
Then a girl Jocelyn contacted me:
look up Everest C Reseda on facebook! they have alot info on Everest shady ways! I fowarded it to Jon B. for answers bc I was really concerned!! Jon B. responded by telling me to take it with a grain of salt that's it (unfortunately I deleted that e-mail but verbatum that was his words)!!
Sooo then I received an e-mail which Everest deleted that told me Jon B. would not help me out here is what I was able to save & this is what I forwarded to Jon B.:
I appreciate your help & concern 4 me, however quite a number of people have sent me links & comments regarding how they too were treated poorly after graduation. So much so that it really causes concern from both myself & my husband who is not real happy right now that I am receiving this kind of feedback!!! And for your comment to me about taking these comments with a grain of salt...why would you say that to me?? Rather than downtalk the girl Mara you just said she;s trouble. You did no kind of satisfactory explaining to me convincing me I should ignore her!!! In fact she is coinvincing me of the bad things about Everest!!! Don't pawn me off to Career Mara claims you do here
Mara BossLadii Lopez Jon B. is NOT going to help you. He is going to send you in circles just like the rest of the paid staff of CCi. Call your local senators and congressmans and petition for regulation for the for profit sector!! NO MORE GOVERNMENT MONEY FOR THESE CORPORATE PIGS! THEY THRIVE OFF YOUR LOANS!
Finish what you started!!! If you saw my posting & felt obliged to reply to it, then you should care enough to see it through to the end, otherwise I take it as you are someone they hired to deter people from the what they want...THE TRUTH!!! And as for your comment about doing the research myself that was not appreciated bc I typed in the address EXACTLY as she put it & bam there it was. I am not a child, I am a 34 year old GROWN woman who is VERY VERY VERY concerned about her decision to choosing the school she did to better her life & career!!! I should NOT be treated like anything but with the upmost respect bc of the way my "situation" has been 1. handled & 2. Those people who treated me disrespectfully!!!
He didn't answer me so I sent him this too:

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For-Profit Colleges Investigated for Fraud
As reported in the New York Times, a recent and disturbing trend in "higher education" shows a large number of students being scammed by for-profit colleges and trade schools. Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, a civil justice law firm located in Sacramento, California, has been helping students fight back.
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Still nothing so I sent this e-mail sent from a student to me:

go to to find out more information.
Yeah, I was escorted off campus when i was there asking about the mishandling of my student funds. I guess the investigation by the Government should be taken with a grain of salt too. But then hell if my job was in jeapordy I would tell people that too.. LOL (NOT!...I am a journalist so I tend to find and report the truth) oh I have gotten some nasty emails since I posted on their FB asking questions about. One from some chic who has no clue how to read (or write for that fact).
Why were Maras comments deleted she was just stating her opinion??? It just makes me more wary!!!
Well like a dumb bum I deleted his response that came 4 days later & I found out the school closed my case without discussing it with me!! They felt the dean didn't owe me an apology!!! This is a website for anyone wh is having problems with this terrible place: Gool luck everyone I pray your outcome is better than mine :)

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    Ok, now any solutions? How do we solve our fraud issues. I was never placed or can not get a job with my degree.

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