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Everest College / COLLEGE FROM HELL

1 511 N Brookhurst St #300, Anaheim, CA 92801Anaheim, CA, United States Review updated:
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I also attended Everest College in Anaheim to become a massage therapist and boy was I excited to become something i was always in love with... then BAM my dream crumbled right from my fingertips. towards the end of my last month i started getting suspicious because not only was my Representative fire my counselor was transferred to corporate. they kept telling me oh return on this day so you can speak to your new rep so I'd return and they would tell me the same thing finally i spoke to someone about getting interviews so when i graduate i had something going. ONE, ONE interview was setup by Everest after i graduated, I went to the interview and the lady loved my review and my resume i was asked to return the following day to work on her to see what i got and had learned. Again she loved my work then she noticed that my file was missing some information that Everest was suppose to fax to her. i told her I'll give them a call and see whats going on, that same day i called Everest nothing was given to me no information no way of contacting the rep nothing. the next day i went to the campus and was trying to get a hold of my rep "NO LONGER WORKING THERE" is what they told me. At this point my blood is boiling my anger went from a 5 1/2 to a 50 I told the lady at the front desk i wanted to speak to someone as soon as possible the President no not Obama, came we went to his office and he told me that the information i was trying to get was already sent to Corporate and all i needed to do is wait for them to submit it to were i was getting interviewed. So, i called the LADY and told her what was going on she told me she was willing to wait a couple days. I kid you not two weeks went by and they never sent her anything she called me asking me if i knew anything about Everest i told her no they haven't tried contacting me at all she said she would wait two more days and that was all... I was so upset i called Corporate they told me the same BS that they had so many students waiting to get the same information and it was a long process to be patient. i told them i had someone waiting for that information so i could start working they said we understand we're doing our best... two days later i get a call from that place that will remain nameless and she told me that they were sorry that they had to fill the position up. i was so heart broken. not i hear MASSAGE THERAPY and i get so angry all because of the horrifying experience i went through with Everest College... i do have a job its not what i was trained for though now i have to get a second job because of the loans i got suck with...

Apr 10, 2013
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  • Al
      11th of Apr, 2013
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    I hear ya I got screwed by them to. I completed the course load with an 86% overall in the addictions and community service program. I was told throughout the entire program and reassured numerous and countless amounts of time that the charges I had on my record over 10 years prior wouldn't reflect on my placement opportunities. When it came time for placement I wasn't able to get any of the ones I inquired about. I only signed up to work with troubled youth and nothing more, they knew this from the get go. I'm all of a sudden a vulnerable risk and can't fulfill my placement duties. I was and still am furious. This campus at Everest college is in London ontario. They tried stuffing me in some place working with people with multiple disorders which would have been fine but they allowed clients to do drugs on premises and had a very unorganized routine and most importantly did not have a valid business license! So I refused and had every right to. Not long after the cops raided this place " people helping people"... And immediately shut it down. I'm lucky I wasn't there geez! But because I refused a placement the school tried to kick me out cause I think I was causing too much of a problem for them. Other way around ### you caused major problems in my life and education and you still want me to pay for the course. I don't think i should have to pay, you should be paying me for pain and suffering from all the lies, broken promises, and deceitfulness. I showed up to school almost everyday and was definitely present more than anyone in my class throughout, I wasted an entire year just to get jerked around.

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