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Everest College / BAD SCHOOL

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  • Mw
      17th of May, 2009
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    In the middle of a module????? You start at the BEGINNING of a module. I bet the majority of people that spout off about Everest think they are getting a free ride. Sorry if this isn't a college where you can't get piss drunk every night. You actually have to work!

    You will only succeed if you want too. The college can only help you so much. They can't go out and get the job for you.

  • Fa
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    I attented Everest for 2 years. Completed the Entire programe back in 2008 . Those people still cannot find me a job and we are in (2009 June). I took up Medical assistant i have about 25, 000.00 in student loan and NO JOB in my fiELD to pay the LOANS BACK. I would not recomment this school to my enemy. Oh on top of that they are want me to fill out a Waiver form because they do not want to continue NOT HELPING ME FIND A JOB. Horrible School.

  • Gi
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Please Anyone rip off by Everest Conatct 800-243-0618
    or also file a complaint with

  • Ja
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    Grades are a joke
    I needed 90% to get first grade honours the a--hole teacher gave me 89.59%. The college fired the teacher because he was not qualified to teach but I am still only have a 89.59% the college will not change my mark. I called the school four times so far and nobody will call back. I spend $11.000 and I have no job the help I get from the college looking for a job is a joke. I was told they were going too add a program I wanted (OTA) and they change they mind. Should have gone to Mohawk.

  • Th
      29th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes easy to point the blame at someone are the example of how not to make it in life...

  • Th
      29th of Aug, 2009
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    ...good luck with'll get that 89.59% there as well...

  • Ha
      19th of Dec, 2009
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  • Tr
      4th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    It is good to drop out before it is too late. The people who are foolish enough to stay at Everest must be extremely dense. I thought it was common sense to realize that a school that runs cheap commercials during Maury and Jerry Springer CANNOT be a REAL university.

    Everest cost too much for a crappy education, the degree you get is NOT called a degree. It is just a piece of paper (diploma) because most Everest programs are not regionally accredited, meaning the credits you earn at Everest DOES NOT transfer over to a REAL university. So "degree" is the wrong word.

    I really wonder how that school still keeps afloat reputation wise.

    Unlike most of you, I go to a top 4 year private university (the first university created in California)
    I suggest going to community college instead. I took summer courses at a junior college during my high school years for fun, and it was really fun!

  • Ma
      13th of Sep, 2010
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    After reading the complaint about Everest College I tend to believe that it might just be that student that has the problem. The student is rambling on in a ranting way and not making much sense! The proper use of the English language appears to be an even greater challenge! To drop out after only 8 days tells us all we need to know about that person. They probably haven't finished anything in their life and is looking to make excuses for their lack of sticking to something once they've started it! I am enrolled at Everest working toward my business degree and have nothing but Great things to say about my experience here! Do my instructors expect me to work? YES! Must I Challenge myself to succeed? YES! Is accomplishing everything that's asked of me easy? NO, but I do it anyway! My future is in my hands and I fully expect to take advantage of it! Do yourself a favor and get into to school!

  • Ms
      20th of Dec, 2010
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    Everest is horrible. im currently enrolled in dental I was required to volunteer at an office and I knew nothing. my teacher does absolutely no hands on with us! she explains a procedure and that's it, we are suppose to know everything! If you ask a question she gets an attitude. so I cant learn anything! If you complain to the director he does absolutely nothing to help you. my teacher actually talked to my classmates about me inappropriately, that is not very professional!

  • It
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    Everest is a bad school. The school would use their money to invest in soda machines and their cafe room while in class we had to share a tiny vial of saline. Most days we couldn't do anything because the school did not have the supplies. Our teacher had to bring in baby dolls in order for us to practice cpr that was meant for adults. I would get constant calls saying that I did not attend class even though I was at school, that's right I was in class while they were calling and saying I wasn't. I would also have to re do a bunch of financial aide forms because they "lost" them. What kind of message is that supposed to send off? When I tried to drop out they would call and harass me about paying my loans. I heard rumors of the school being terrible but I only thought it was because the people complaining were stupid and looking for an easy way to get a job and make money, when in fact the school had no idea what they were doing. Most days While in class every single person would have nothing to do because we could not move onto the next mods because the library was closed. No one should ever go to this school unless they are bored and want to pick fights with the staff on a daily basis. And about the job hunt, I know I am supposed to look and find my own site but when the school is demanding my resumes saying they have interviews lined up for me then when I turn up at the sites they claim they had no idea I was supposed to be there. I would call the places they gave me and the offices had no idea I was supposed to be there.

    Save your money and go to a REAL school.

  • He
      23rd of Mar, 2011
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    my wife is currently attending everest and due to our circumstances can no longer attend. She has completed one mod and I am curious if she drops out will we still owe the whole loan amount?

  • Di
      21st of Sep, 2011
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    I am currently still attending Everest College and I have 3 more months to go Im in the Dental Assistant program. The teachers are very hands on training if I have a question the sure can answer them for me or even show me how its done! Yes its in the back of my mind but what other people say about the school doesn matter im the one thats getting the training and the knowledge so I dont have any problems.

  • Na
      21st of Dec, 2011
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    Hello all, I would like to inform you that Everest College may not be a great choice for you. I went there for about 2 months and already there has been big problems.

    For one, don't expect "On-hands" training unless your looking to be in the medical division. The school in Fort Worth only gives the hands-on to the medical students and no one else. The way they avoid false advertisement is by giving optional trips to the other divisions in the school on their own time, not yours. So if you have work on Friday and no classes, it will be hard to go on that Friday trip. And no, it isn't once a week, more like once a month.

    Another is that Everest helps you look for a job. This is also somewhat false. Unless, again, your in the medical division your kinda on your own. They do have a board with a list of websites on it, but that is you doing all the work and the only help they gave you was a list of random sites. They do lets students help around the school, the only problem is that I have yet to see another student working here and when I asked they said I have to have been in roll for 6 weeks.

    The teachers are the only great thing about the school. They do help you and they are there with you. I have noticed that the school has not been informing the teachers of anything besides their job, so asking the teacher why this is that they cannot give you an answer. The online teachers, from what I heard from a lot of students, don't reply to your emails and if they do it takes about 2 days or so. They don't work with you and give you more work online then on the school grounds. If you have not taken a online class yet, beware because they will not wait up on you to get use to it.

    The student id's are... Well, kinda useless. It has your picture, name, Everest College, and when you finish your course on it. Not student number or anything important. Oh and it also has what major you are in. How do they get them/make them? By printing paper and laminating it. The problem with that is that you will not get any Student discount with those id's because they are too easily made and do not look very Governmental. Wanting that laptop with student discount? Nope. Needing anything for school on discount, nope.

    Everest College seems like they are some evil place that just wants your money. They have loans, which is good if you cannot pay on the spot. The sad thing is, the whole "You don't have to pay the loans until your done with school" is a lie. You see, if you have rich parents that are willing to pay your loans while your at school, then it is the truth. When your an adult with parents that don't want to take care of you anymore, then it is a lie. You see, what they do is that they reduce the amount you have to pay by month on your loans (it is split so the interest is insane) while your at school. You can either pay them yourself or have someone else do it. This month payment can be 25 dollars to, as far as I know, 50 dollars. Yeah it isn't very much to pay per month. If you miss the due date they add 50 extra dollars (I do not believe it goes into your loan payment, just that one day you missed). Also when your kinda jobless with the school only giving help to the Medical students, it kinda kills you.

    The school have parties. Yes they have those things you think is awesome. For all the students, they have to do it small like stand right next to the back door (the student door) of the building to give them the "small" treat. The medical students (that is where they are getting the big money from) have real parties with real food. Only medical though.

    The school does have a library, but it is very small. There are only 4 bookcases (not full of course) and those are the same books for the past 5 years. The librarian, the one that watches over the library, believes it is her duty to play music like rap and the like while in her office. If you need help, good luck because she only stays in there for 30 or so minutes before leaving to do something else for an hour or so.

    The dean in this school is different. She doesn't really answer any of my or other students questions without her infamous "Uh-huh" and "That is a good question." Not even an answer. Also she just made it where the teachers cannot release the students when they finish taking the midterms or finals. So the rest of the class hours is just sitting and talking. Yay.

    As I said before, this school wants money. They have done a few scams that has forced the students to pay up. Like the school uniform. It looks like one of those cheaply made golf shirts and you have to buy it in the school bookstore. Reason, they want the word Everest on it. So the shirts I am guessing is worth 6-10 dollars because they were cheaply made golf shirts. Well because that Everest word is on the shirt the price is 52 dollars for two shirts. They said we have to get them and wear them for now on. 4 weeks later, it was dis-ban as the school uniform. Also at the bookstore, when you first join, they "offer" you a flash drive, rolling back pack, and some other stuff. They say "Everest would like you to have/use this for your classes" and charges it to your "Everest dept account." Later on, if you don't catch it on the spot, find out that "Hey, they charged this to me?! If I knew that I would never have gotten it." The return policy is for the books and shirts (unused).

    So there you have it. The only great thing about this school is the teachers. It isn't even worth it though. Also your credits will not be counted with any other schools. I only heard of two schools (which are also unheard of to me) that would accept a few credits.

  • Mp
      5th of Apr, 2012
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    Hi there Nash
    Thank you for you blog it has helped me on not dealing with this school I am on a wait list getting inpatient but will use this time wisely to study. I hope it helps others also. They seem nice and helpful until they got you stuck with loans and some crappy old library what a joke. It should be the more you pay for education the more current the textbook at least . What you said about librarian hearing rap what that about put some getto person with a badge hahaha . It prove they are no professional At All and that is why employers don't want anything to do with student that attend everest. They seem out dated on what the teach and useless with helping grads find a job. Well hope you got out of that joke of a place good luck and don't miss out on a real college its fun, hard but worth the patience.

  • Tr
      8th of May, 2012
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    This "college" is awful, I have had at least 36 externs (which are graduates putting in 160 hours of free labor) of the Medical Assistant program come through our facility and NOT ONE, read ZERO, of these people have any hint of any job out there waiting for them. They tell me there is a career development person assigned to them that is not helpful and/or they can't get an appt with this person. What they have is $18, 000 in debt, everyone of them. IF they get a job, it is with Fred Meyers or Verizon call center. You can get those jobs without $18, 000 in debt and a MA certificate. I think it's criminal and a shame. Most of these kids already come from the school of hard knocks, they have no one in their life to help them make decisions. Now these sharks get a hold of them and their dreams and try to ruin their lives. Now they have nothing but $18, 000 in school loan debt that you can't get rid of. As far as school loans go, that's not much. But, it's a lot of money when you have nothing to show for it and a minimum wage job. From where I am sitting, the entire program is a scam.

  • Ka
      28th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Everest is not a top school, it is not a school period. In my first classes as a computer information science "Major" I was introduced to my first instructor who would be showing us how to use multi-meters which my father an electrician taught me to use years ago, upon the teacher nearly killing herself randomly plugging it into a wall socket I started to get the feeling I was in the twilight zone. Further more the teacher could not pronounce simple words like electrical. In these 5 hour long lectures I received more mispronounced words and completely confusing ramblings than I have in the span of 26 years. This is all said and fine if your looking for something to just grasp at being better in life, but the misappropriation of your, yes I said YOUR money is absolutely disturbing. You will not see refund checks on time, you may or may not see additional student funds you put in for, in all the school is just a large money sucking leech.

  • Jo
      10th of Sep, 2012
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    I'm attending Everest college and I thought Everest was good but reading all the compliant I think I might did a huge mistake..

  • 0 Votes

    I am a student in my third month (mod) at Everest College, and already I am feeling the pains of regret. Shortly before I enrolled in the MA program, the "school" extended the length of its program by two months and raised the tuition cost by almost 5 grand. The campus president was replaced just before my enrollment by former Art Institute campus president Greg Marick, who after 3 years in that position fired a professor of 11 years for not complying with a new school e-book policy. The professor had never used a text book in that class in all his time in that position. The e-book policy was, in his opinion, a tool to raise tuition fees and generate more revenue for the institute. Four days after being formally ordered by the campus president to use the e-book, and after not complying, he was fired. This same president one year later is now at the head of the table here at the school I attend. His first order of business, cancel winter break in order to maximize the January enrollments even though the "school" already has a student-to-teacher ratio of 30 to 1. Meaning that its enrolling more students than it can handle with the amount of training tools and resources provided. I recently discussed the schedule change with the president, and he confessed it was his decision in order to accommodate the potential hike in enrollments that accrue in January. Its all a numbers game. The bottom line is the only concern. Retention, and graduation rates are the bread and butter of these for-profit postsecondary schools. Even if that means a total disregard of the students wishes, needs, and concerns. When I first learned of the break cancelation I went to my Director of Education to ask why. He told me it was a decision made by corporate and there was nothing he could do, and in fact, all the campuses were forced to cancel their winter break as well. That didn't add up to me so I immediately got on the phone and called 7 campuses in and around my region, only to discover that they were taking a winter break. I then contacted corporate claiming to be an interested "buyer" and wanted to know if there would be winter breaks at the campuses I was interested in, in order to better know when and where to apply considering the time of year i was interested in enrolling. I was told that not only would all the campuses be taking a break, but that it was not in corporates control how the campuses planned their schedules. The tactics of these schools are now no secret to me. I have a full and complete understanding of the kind of industry I am dealing with. The Ca. Attorney General has filled a law suit against Corinthian Colleges inc. the parent compony of Everest College for fraudulent business practices and for misleading students and flat out lying to squeeze every last cent they can from a social group targeted for its disadvantaged and impoverished demographics. They are using predatory advertising tactics claimed the Ca AG, and this is the second suit filed by a state AG in 5 years. This is a mafia of sorts in my opinion, praying on the week and desperate. This kind of degradation only aids in the crumbling of a society, insuring the rise in crime rates, unemployment rates, and perpetuating the problem by causing the student to incur debt for which they will never be able to pay. The programs offered are typically in a field that pays only a smidge higher than minimum wage, yet Everest charges upwards of $11.000 more than the state average for the same program. Everest College has the worst reputation among former students and employees than any I have ever encountered. Corinthian Colleges inc. stock price has dropped from $19.00 a share to $2.07 a share, this year they will lay off around 375 employees and close schools in 5 states. The future of this compony looks grim to me and maybe to them as well. That would explain the get cash at all costs mentality they seam to posses, knowing the doors will soon be closed for good. If you are even vaguely considering enrolling in Everest College or any of its affiliates, please reconsider for your own good. I wish I knew then what I know now.

  • Cr
      25th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I started my paralegal degree in California. I then xfrd my credits to Oregon but since Bend Oregon doesn't offer paralegal program I had to enroll online . I started at Everest where my first clue that I made the wrong choice was they put me in some of the same courses telling me that my xfrd credits didn't count. After I finished my classes I got told that I didn't need to take them! But I stayed... then it came to near my last few classes I needed that they didn't offer so I xfrd to another college to finish. But ended up with a dilemma cuz no college offered one class worth 2 credits so now I check back every year to see if they offer the class only now they shut down the whole online program. So almost $23, 000 in the hole and no degree. Do not attend Everest College!

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