Everbrite & Celebrity White / Deceptive Business Practices

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Phone: 877-683-3080 or 800-440-4397

My husband ordered the "free trial" on 1/21. By Feb. we had the fee for the shipping, a foreign transaction fee, and another fee of $87.47-ish plus another transaction fee, plus another pending charge from a company, 'Build Wealth' that we had never heard of. Thanks to all the complaints here at, I got on the phone with BofA who uder writes our Visa, and they blocked the pending charge, opened a dispute over the $87.47 charge, attempted to call EverBrite while I was on the phone with them, they got the same on-hold, no response that we all have gotten, then called with me the number for the pending charge to cancel any further charges coming from 'Build Wealth." Turns out 'Build Wealth is known as "Debt 2 Wealth" which has been associated with the other company that I'll be complaining about, Celebrity White. Looks like they are all set up to get your credit card number to establish ongoing charges until you cancel... but you cannot contact them. I think I may have taken care of Celebrity White & Debt 2 Wealth (we'll see as time goes on if there are future charges or not) but EverBrite is the worst as they do not respond to incoming call for cancellations, nor do they process them even *if* you get a live person, judging by all the other posts here ( So, although I have spent 1/2 my day trying to mitigate the damage, I would be just beginning my journey with these scammers if it weren't for all the others who have posted here. THANKS TO ALL!!!

Given that there is a foreign transaction fee associated with these charges, I'm guessing that they officially do business outside of the US, and therefore cannot be prosecuted under US laws, so I guess no one will be able to shut them down. Good luck to all! Oh, BTW & WARNING: doing the web cancel form for EverBrite, notice that in their Terms & Conditions on that page, the very last sentence states that this new agreement you are entering into with them "...also serves as a retraction of any actions initiated by you the customer that may lead to or is a potential chargeback. All sales and terms are final. Limit one per household." Meaning, this would undo the dispute (which will result in a charge back to EverBrite) that I filed with my credit card over their fee. *AND "Limit one per household suggests only one agreement modification per household. !! So, I didn't fill out the form. I don't want to modify my "agreement" with them, I want to sever all relationships with them, forever. Good luck to all. Mean people suck.

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