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I purchased a brand new Dacia Sandero in March 2013. In August of 2013, There was a rattling noise coming from the front of the car. I took the car back to the dealer, after having booked a specified time, and was left waiting for 2 hours before my car was even moved into the workshop. The mechanic then wrongly diagnosed the problem as front shock absorbers bearings being at fault and needing replacing. I pointed out to him that the noise was much lower down on the car, but he insisted. I waited for 2 weeks until the part was delivered to the dealer and fitted to my car. Low and behold, it did not solve the problem. Further investigation found the real problem was the steering rack. When manufactured, the joints on the steering rack had not been greased sufficiently, and was dry and stiff. The mechanic said, and I quote, "The steering rack is not moving freely." Then went on to insist my car was still safe to drive. I was highly doubtful of this, and told him so. I said that a car that potentially cannot be steered properly, is far from safe, and also it would not meet MOT test standards, therefore leaving the car insurance policy null and void, and the driver (me) open to possible prosecution, let alone the potential risk to life and limb. When I called him out on his downright lie, he scuttled back into the workshop, leaving the service receptionist to deal with my outrage. Even the service manager would not speak to me, neither would the dealer principal. Their idea of customer service was to ignore me until I went away. Unfortunately that was also the attitude of Dacia customer services too. The steering rack was replaced under warranty, and is still fine nearly a year on. But the loan car the dealer provided for me, was dirty, dented, badly neede a service, and was full of rubbish. PLEASE stay away from Evans Halshaw, especially their dealership in Doncaster.

Aug 27, 2014
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      Apr 28, 2015

    I purchased a car from evans halshaw which i didnt now. The customer service is zero. I arranged with their headquarters to view a car paid the deposit. When i arrived the car wasnt there. No phone call no email. I wasted the journey plus a days overtime at work. Soon as they have your money that dont give a damn. Its all about what they want. I viewed the car it was filthy had lots of scratches on it. The dealer replied if you want an ammaculate car then pay more! Disgusting. They left the car in my drive i told them i would not be at home. No keys apparently the driver didnt feel it would be safe to leave them behind. I had to ring them to find that out. They brought the keys when i returned at 2100 hrs and expected me to view and sign for the car in the dark!! Avoid them.

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  • Ri
      Jan 24, 2016

    Further to my complaint above, yesterday I received a telephone call from Evans Halshaw querying non payment of finance on my car. Finance I do not have. Finance I never had. I paid for the car in full on my debit card, which can easily proven by myself. The caller then said, maybe I had not been paying the monthly instalments on my service plan. Again I stated I do not have a service plan with them. I pay for work on my car as and when it needs to be done. So, they are either so clueless as to what is going on, or, they are deliberately trying to defraud me out of money they are not entitled to.

    IF the management of Evans Halshaw Doncaster are reading this, then do NOT make an enemy of me, as I swear to everything that I hold dear, you WILL regret it!!!

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