Europcar Italy, Trentounauthorized credit card charges, unethical behaviour

I rented a car in a small Europcar office in Trento, Italy. Everything went fine, but after six month I received a letter from Europcar that I have to pay 4 euro ticket penalty, do not know for what and that I have to pay it in max 14 days delay, that after they sent the letter by post. I did managed to call the police, find out that was for the highway, I did not know how I passed through, and finally I payed around 20 euros with the penalties. Still that is ok, but after a month I found out that the Europcar took from my bank account another 45 euros, despite I did payed in time, they did not even contacted me, nothing. This is not legal, I did not gave my credit card for that, I will never user the Europcar again.

Sep 27, 2016

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