Europcarcharged for fuel.

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My group was renting a car at nice in France. Europcar rental were at desk my travelling partner was asked for a 1500 euro security charge on her visa card she could not afford it. This meant i had to use my card for the rental security deposit. Without my consent the complete rental was moved under my name.
In the end it was asked if we wanted the full tank option and i stated that i would return it full.

On return a lady took our keys .. turned on the engine and checked fuel and mileage. It was full. Filled twice.. once along the way and then topped up at the famous airport petrol station (expensive).

A week later i was amused to get a letter from Europcar stating i had been charged for fuel. I rang the irish Europcar rep and they stated it was normal and they would refund it. 5 weeks later my credit card bill has arrived and i have not had a refund. I am in the process of mailing them and asking for a refund. What are my options if i dont get a refund?
Thanks in advance.
Graham Tobin


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      Nov 23, 2010

    Hi, exactly the same thing has happened to me. I rented a car for 6 weeks from Charles de Gaulle in Paris and opted to return it with a full tank, which I did. I have just received the bill stating I have been charged 86.45 euro for Fuel! Also I see a charge 'premium station surcharge' of 41.80 euro, I have no idea what this is. Finally I lodged a query on the europcar website 3 weeks ago because I left a journal in the car and wanted it mailed to me; I have never had a response from the europcar customer service team. I have tried to call the number I was given for the terminal outlet many times but no one ever answers the phone regardless of the time of day I try calling.

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