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Last month I made a booking with Europcar to hire a car. The following day I contacted them again to change the pickup point. I was informed that in order to do this they would have to cancel the original booking, refund my fee, make another booking and take another fee.

When they confirmed that the original fee had been refunded I proceeded to make another booking with them. However, after 25 minutes on the phone, the operative was so incompetent, he lost all the information I have given him and asked me to go through the whole process again for another 25 minutes - his English was not good, hence the length of time it took to make the booking in the first place.

I declined to waste any more time. I confirmed, again, that the refund had been made and was assured it had. Well, he lied. No refund was made to my account. Having little faith in British businesses I tend to record all conversations when entering in to contracts. I now find myself possibly having to sue Europcar in the courts as I have no doubt they will ignore my letter before action (it must be my lack of faith again!).

My advice: If your going to hire a car, avoid Europcar. Any company that can lie with such impunity doesn't deserve to gain any business.

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  • Rr
      Jul 24, 2009

    Dear Mr. Fowle,
    Currently I'm having the same issue, where I have cancelled my booking, received an email confirming the cancellation, but my Credit Card Account has still not received the refund. I have sent 3 emails asking for an explanation but no one as yet come back to me.
    Last night I spent over 10 £ on a phone call to the rental office in New Zealand and again I have not managed to have a refund credited to my account. Everyone I talk to appear to be passing the responsibility to someone else…so frustrating.

    Good luck.

    Roberto Romersa

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  • Mf
      Aug 01, 2009

    I feel for you. Europcar appear to believe they can treat any and all customers in this manner. IK have now issued proceedings against them in the court and I do believe if more people did this they might review their policy on defrauding people out of money rightfully owed to them.

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