SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / prior to etsy closing my store with no warning

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I am a former seller on Etsy...very successful and longtime seller, I might add. I had 100% feedback from all of my customers! I went to check my messages one morning, only to discover my Etsy Shop was gone! I went into my email to see if I had missed something only to find a very generic message from Etsy stating they closed my shop. No reason included in this message! Prior to closing my store, I had received NO WARNING, NO COMPLAINTS & NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! I immediately emailed Etsy for explanation, waited over a week and received NO RESPONSE. I emailed again and it's been over TWO MONTHS AND ETSY STILL HAS NOT BOTHERED TO EXPLAIN WHY MY STORE WAS CLOSED!

Prior to Etsy Closing my store with no warning, I had been a very dedicated and hard working seller since 2009. I feel that I am at least owed an explanation! Additionally, I lost all of my sales records that I need for tax purposes, lost all contact information with current customers, lost all conversations needed to complete orders that had already been paid for and several sales that I was close to "sealing the deal!"

As an experienced online seller, I highly recommend sellers stay away from Etsy! They have turned into Ebay! Really Sad!


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