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I received an Email indicating I could receive 2 free tickets to Universal Studios. On 10/21/06 I received a tele from etour and travel. I refused the $398 package and explained to the supervisor that there no restrictions on these tickets. I also told him we had purchased a package from and were going to use it this Dec. He gave me an Email address to down load a voucher, which I did. However this voucher said that (1) we had to attend a 90 min. presentation and (2) not valid with any other offer from I believed we are entitled to these tickets. There were no restrictions on the Email offer that was sent by

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  • El
      25th of Nov, 2006
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    Nov 22 I started to make resrvations with this company. The representative said they needed a valid credit card to hold the dates selected. They have in two days already charged my card $255. I've rented cars and hotels before where the card is always used to verify that you have sufficient credit in advance and the by "blocking" the necessary funds without actually charging your card. These people already have $400 from September and $200 from a previous charge. I'm into them for ($950) without going on vacation YET!!!!

  • St
      5th of Dec, 2006
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    I got a call about etourandtravel and i didn't even sign up for any package and they took out $100.00 and now my account is $126.00 withdrawn and i want the money back Christmas is coming and i have 2 children i don't get the money put back they will hear from my lawyer

  • Pa
      8th of Jan, 2007
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    My trip was this past week from Dec 27-Jan.4.Where shall I begin?!!

    We unfortunately were unable to get our original flight and were moved to a next day evening flight going to Tampa instead of Orlando. Our flight had to go to Tampa at night arriving at 11:00 p m needless to say your company could not help us with a car even though it was already paid for! We did receive money back for the loss of a 2 day rental. Then car rentals at Tampa close at 10:30 pm and I really do not understand how something could not have been done to make this easier for us! I am a handicapped person with 2 small children and yet even though my husband was with me and friends it was still very difficult. We had to take a shuttle van that cost us $450.00 (including tip). that cost more than the rental car for the week. Which I had upgraded through your marketing dept. .

    We finally arrived at your Daytona resort in New Smyrna Beach at 3:30 am. Where the person doing check-in was of no use and quite honestly knew nothing we needed to know. We entered the room and to start with the tiled floors were like a sheet of ICE and I literally went flying into the wall and hurt my already handicapped leg. Then my children also fell. The hotel said it is due to the Ocean being right there! Personally I would think they would put some sort of area rug in the room I am sure I am not the first to have this happen to. My girlfriend who was with us then fell in the bathroom again same early morning upon entering the room and her lower back was all cut up with scratches from hitting the floor. Again nothing was said by the front desk staff when reported...they would make a note they said. Then on the only day we had there I had to pay again for yet another cab to get the rental car at Daytona Intern'l Airport that cost another $50.00! Before we even got to enjoy our vacation we spent over $500.00 +!!
    That was the worst resort i have ever been to! The only promising thing about it ws the Ocean (partial view we had).Room 2018

    Now we are heading out to your Orlando Resort at The Villa's II in fantasyworld. Room 215 Tower I The directions from Daytona were ridiculous! We got totally off course and did not check in till after 7 pm where as usual the front desk staff were of no help and did not give us any paper work on where things were or how to use the phone in the room. They were very obnoxious towrds us and honestly being a person who has worked in hotels (timeshares as a matter of fact) I have never felt more unwelcomed . Now its Dec. 31st Sunday and well your attractions booth to get our tickets was not available when we went into lobby to get additional tickets and our discounts! Then They were closed on New Years Day so none of us were able to get our discounted tickets and go to a park. We had no info about the bus shuttle service until later on!

    We ended up getting to Sea World paying full price since we could not get our tickets through your services (which by the way no one told us they would be closed, untill after the fact). And of course we could not get a refund on the tickets case we already went. By now it is now the 3rd and we were able to get our Universal tickets on the 2nd but it was too late to do cause the shuttle left already and by the time we were done with our Orientation we could not get the bus. So now we have a 2 day pass and can only use 1 day ( I paid for children tickets 2-day pass) and only had the one day cause we were flying out the 4th in the early afternoon. SO I tried to ask about a refund on a 1 day pass and they said you have to talk to marketing dept.I guess that's you.

    This whole trip cost more than the bargain price it was to begin with and the rooms floors wer absolutely filthy and black! The bathroom towels were musty and honestly I ended up washing them all before we used them after showering! We had to throw out our socks after walking on the floors cause bleach would just not do it! Honestly I believe that I should get a refund for 2-day pass for Universal since only 1 was used for my children and us. I realize that ours was included in the package so there is nothing to do about that. As far as the car problem I should not have had to go thru such nonsense and someone needed to find me a vehicle or some sort of transportation. This was a vacation form He__ and honestly it all sounded so wonderful and became just a nightmare that would never be awoken from.

    I hope that we can get something resolved here because honestly I have referred you to others that would like to try this vacation and possibly buy a timeshare but if we cannot get something worked out I can guarantee I will make things change. I think I will end this here and hope to hear from you and be receiving some good news from your bank account to mine.

    Pamela Taber

  • Pa
      13th of Nov, 2007
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    We got a call about etourandtravel and I didn't even sign up for a package and they took out of my master card 497.23 she had no right to do that. So I asking you to put back that money the company took out thank you. CALL me when you have done that or you will hear from my lawyer.

  • Ch
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    I recieved a call in October telling me i won a contest i never signed up for. I told the company i do not sign up for things over the internet. I told them i did not trust them and to stop calling me. They have called me every month since then. I again informed a rude person named Ted to never call me again and he informed me their was nothing i could do i signed up for and won their "wonderful" prizes. I again informed him i never signed up for that and he swore that i did and then gave me my address from two years ago. I would figure i would know if i signed up for these things but according to Tim and the rest a etravel i did sign up for them with out even knowing it.

    Chris Jones

  • Fr
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    I was charged almost $400 for a package I never received and now they keep calling me to give them another $99 to reissue this "vacation." They knew that my husband was in Iraq and that the vacation would not be used within a year and told me I could use it up to 3 years. Now they tell me that "their hands are tied" and that the person who told me that had been fired and that my only choice now was to lose my money or give them more. They are dishonest, call me at work, at home and on my cell phone. One salesman said that he knew I was elderly and that perhaps I misunderstood. I am 60, work fulltime and run three miles a day. He said, "Well I see your birthdate in front of me and my grandmother isn't as old as you are." The young man who called me last was named Brandon and he was extremely polite and understanding. He should not be associating himself with this sleezy company. Any company the would take advantage of military people fighting to preserve their right to be unethical should be shut down. I intend to fight this legally because I do not want our military servicemembers who are planning a "welcome home" vacation to have something this diasastrous happen. They make too little money as it is. Unfortunately, it is the little, working people that this company seeks out.

  • Wo
      30th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    This company robbed from my bank account and refused to lift a FINGER in getting my money back. I reserved a trip with my credit card and told them not to charge it untill sufficient funds were deposited, and I would give them the go ahead. They did not wait, they charged it immediatly ($390) and have not made any attempt at rectifying this. This was three days ago. I have been on the phone with their agents for 3 days to no avail. These people are crooks of the highest caliber and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

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