Esurranty Indemnity Companypurchased insurance policy for phone, will not pay anything that I am owed

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Waiting months for payment due me for replacing lost phone. Owed over $650.00. Promised to reimburse but no luck in months. No replies to email/phone.
I purchased a cell phone policy for $116.98. The policy clearly states covers lost and stolen phones and is promoted on their website.
I had my phone stolen. Called police, they investigated and even took fingerprints. Gave me a police report.
I sent in all claim forms and were accepted. My account was charged $212.23 which was for the deductible ($189.00 plus sales tax of $23.23)
I was told a new phone would be sent to me in 3 to 5 days.
I was told they had problems getting my phone from their supplier.
I received a loaner phone and my account charged $149.00 as a deposit on phone.
I was told over and over the phone had been ordered and they should be able to send out soon. They also added that they were having problems getting a new phone.
After many, many emails over a 7 week period, mr. Xxxxxxx (The only person ever was able to contact) told me they would send me a check to pay for a new phone or I could buy one and they would refund me for the purchase. The last email I received from them is below:

"i have submitted your receipt to our accounting department so that they can cut you a check. This process takes about a week with them as they cut checks once a week.
When your check is sent out, it will be in the amount of what you paid since we have already authorized your deductible payment. "

I never received any check. I have emailed/called and left messages over the past months. It has been many, many months thus far - not 3-5 days like they claim in their contract.

I have also noted they have moved from florida to nevada and now their bbb rating is veing 'updated" and I suspect will be dramatically lowered. I did note that when pushed they make up excuses and even make completely false and unsubstantiated claims.

I have not idea how this company can still be in business. The internet is plastered with negative reviews and I suspect it is simply a fraud and these people belong in jail.

Jan 14, 2017

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