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Esurance Insurance Services / auto insurance

1 San ramon, CA, United States

claimed new damage to my vehicle they denied the fact and accussed my of making a fradulent claim. I had two feeling charges pressed against me for their negligence and bad faith. I sued small claims and won. Trial de novo esurancedid nothing but lie about there even being new damage done to my vehicle. And also resorted to deframation and slander while under oath in court. Claiming that, when i claimed the damage within minutes of the incident while I was having a panic attack after screaming my head off, that I was somehow conspiring something illegal. I am now on disability and I was sick and bed ridden at the time of the incident. I verified all of the information necessary including proof of a receipt that verified my time and location. They didn't at any point look at my vehicle or investigate the claim reasonably. They resorted to pixelized imagery from previous incidents to justify their denial of the claim. They breached their contract, proved that it's a deceptive practice, and they have a deceptive internet platform for conducting their illigitimate business. I took my vehicle to a third part body shop on
behalf of esurance. The body shop took photographs thatt did not capture the incident in it's entirety while taking any investigative qualities to verify the new damage on the car. Then the next person I saw was a fraud investigator who only accused me with pixelized images from my previous insurance company claim. Then he also proceeded to question me for the previous owner of the vehicle when I purchased it through a dealership as well as my driver's license status. Then again even he had not interest in the reality of the new damage on my vehicle. They had no interest in my circumstance me being in and out of the hospital struggling with a cardiovascular disability due to a heart surgery in 2008. They only looked for routes of escape and routes of accusation. I am currently not working and on disability being prosecuted as a criminal because of this fraudelent isurance scam they'd like to call a company. Esurance is now are claiming in criminal court that there is new damage, that I haven't received money for. However they believe I was trying to get money for old damage without a thourough investigation of the damage because they haven't seen my car at all. I have a dry wreckless driving in 2011 it was a night I was leaving the hospital on medication.. so where they came up with the idea that I am a criminal baffles me. They denied my claim in bad faith and had no interest in finding out the truth of the matter. Somehow this company saw it fit obstruct rather than do their job. Hands down worst insurance experience I've had in my life. Horrible company ..

Aug 27, 2018

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