Esso / offensive behavior of the employees

Oakville, ON, Canada
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I was a regular customer for Esso and I consume around $250 per month in average
On Sunday May 13th at 8:45pm I went to Esso station at the Upper Middle & Third Line in Oakville, I paid at the pump & filled up my tank then pressed the button for the option to print a receipt but that receipt never came out.
I walked to the store and asked the attendant to print one for my pump and notified him very friendly that the paper role need to be changed on that pump when he suddenly got very aggressive and took it personally as if I am accusing him, he said the pump has paper you didn't press the button to print, I just asked him if he knew better what I did and then he came out from behind the counter bringing his key to prove what he said and insisted that I didn't press the button. while walking to the pump he looked at me and said "if you wanna fight I will fight" then I didn't like that and said what customer service is this? he looked at me and said don't stare at me..
At this point I couldn't go further I went straight to my car and family who are waiting by that time he was at the pump yelling that he is right and the pump has papers.
I thinks Esso should conduct some training programs for those new comers who work in their stations on customers service & how to deal with different situations resolve issues.
Unfortunately though this is the closest gas station to my house I don't think I will go there again unless I don't have a choice.
Thanks for taking the time to read my experience.

May 16, 2018

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