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northwest, South Africa
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We rented farm in Nystroom, we continuously asked the rental agent and owner what the cost on Eskom was and they assured us it is the same as municipality costs. On signage of their contract the contract only stated that we are liable for the electricity account. I want to know since electricity account was not specified in that contract who is between the tenant and owner responsible for what on this account.
Service and Administration Charge @ R18.81 per day for 30 days R 564.30
Service and Administration Charge @ R20.58 per day for 85 days R 1, 749.30
Network Capacity Charge @ R24.23 per day for 115 days R 2, 786.45
Network Demand Charge 930 kWh @ R0.2119 /kWh R 197.07
Network Demand Charge 2, 636 kWh @ R0.2318 /kWh R 611.02
Ancillary service charge 930 kWh @ R0.0033 /kWh R 3.07
Ancillary service charge 2, 636 kWh @ R0.0036 /kWh R 9.49
Energy Charge 930 kWh @ R0.8482 /kWh R 788.83
Energy Charge 2, 636 kWh @ R0.9279 /kWh R 2, 445.9
This account fluctuated a lot too. From example R3-5000 and sometimes R1500 per month
And I want to know what my rights are to pay off this account (Move out) request was send not received yet. I feel between agent and Eskom was pushed into a thing we weren't prepared for.

May 9, 2017

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