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Rapid Plumbing Rooter Service Complaints & Reviews

Rapid Plumbing Rooter Service / predatory sales to the elderly

Mar 26, 2019

Simple snaking 1 pipe to sewer $275 quote. Soon a massive $22,000 all drains broken job. Before snaking clog, he produced their video probe and claimed everything downstairs be replaced. Now my mother who's 87yrs was so convinced with their claims that with my suggesting these...

A-1 Rapid Rooter Plumbing Services / unethical charges were add to bill

Jul 10, 2018

July 9, 2018 reference claim # - 610976999 The company was installing a hot water heater and I was told there was be a small amount of money due because of extra tubing etc. that would be necessary for the installation. The amount was $375.00. The size of the new heater and the old one were...

Rapid Plumbing Rooter Service / Outrageous Thieving Prices

Jan 15, 2013

Have (2) 1/2" copper pipes that extend from outside hot water heater to washer hookups. Due to extreme cold both the hot and cold pipes burst causing 1" slits in the pipe. Called Rapid Plumbing at 11 a.m. or so, they arrived at 1 p.m. Not bad. Technician Oscar said what he could do...

Rapid Plumbing / excessive fees and poor service

May 29, 2012

Joseph, the person listed as "supervisor" came to my house on a non-emergent basis because my water heater would not heat up. He stated that the water heater, despite being 2-3 years old needed to be replaced. He arranged for the heater to start up but said we should go through our...

Rapid Plumbing San Fernando, CA / Bait and Switch

Oct 14, 2011

Rapid Plumbing is deceptive, overpriced, and flat-out unethical. I called Rapid Plumbing to clear a blocked main drain. While on-site I was told that the drain clearing would cost $280. I have used similar services in the past, and I agreed to the price. I left my son to oversee the job. The...

Rapid Plumbing / overcharge

Jul 26, 2011

they overcharged my 85 yr old grandmother 12, 000 dollars for a job that cost around 300.00 dollars. And when I called them too explain themselves, they called the police on me saying i was harrassing them. Ya damn right i was harrassing them. I will do my best too take these scamers down, Its time too stand up too the crooks no matter who they be.

Rapid Plumbing / Predatory, coersed sales

Apr 16, 2011

Rapid Plumbing is rapid only for one thing; finding an old person's wallet and emptying as quickly as possible! They prey on the elderly - my 90 year old Paw called them up because of a sewer problem. Initial estimate was $150.00 but when it was said and done, it ended up costing my...

Rapid Plumbing / Rip off


Charged me 2x the going rate for a slab leak because I obviously didn't know better. Upped the quote by $600 because of a "3/4 instead of 1/2" pipe (12 dollar part). Totally took advantage of the "emergency" nature of the situation. EVERYONE who has seen the work has told me I wa...

Rapid Plumbing / rude service man, preditory forced sales


A company employee named Lois h. came to my door showed him the problem, and he recommended a $489 service right off the bat, very rude and predatory sales, he got in an argument with me in my own home, at the end of it all he took my money for doing absolutely nothing, I wish I never called them.

Rapid Plumbing / Unauthorized charges


Had a water leak and needed someone to check it out. Called the fancy insert in the yellow pages. When the individual arrived, he couldn't wait to get a signature on a contract. He wouldn't even talk without it. I finally agreed for the primary amount of $45.00. Without any other...