Eskom Holdingsdeposit refund -

1) In August 2018 I advised Eskom I was cancelling my service with them (on 30th Sept)
2) I was provided a ref number to confirm the disconnection of electricity supply
3) in order to obtain my deposit refund ; they requested my ID and proof of bank account (latest stamped bank statement) which I sent them both (in August)
3) at the beginning of October they confirmed everything was in order and that I would receive my deposit as a refund in my bank account within 90 days of the cancellation
5) 20 Nov I followed up and was advised I now had to send yet another form for the refund (a refund request form) as well as a stamped bank statement/ confirmation of bank account (which I already sent in August!)
6) 21 Nov - I received an email from Eskom stating they want the most recent bank statement - stamped by the bank in order to proceed
7) I have sent them the stamped bank statement as proof of account ; it is the same bank account I have been paying them from since [protected]
8) I have advised them several times I am NOT in South africa and thus cannot give them a "most recent" stamped bank statement ; they are being UNREASONABLE
; they have taken months to authorise the refund and will need to accept the original stamped bank statement (august) stamped whilst I was still in SA.
9} I am tired of their attempts to stall, delay and avoid refunding my deposit
10) I left South African and cancelled my Eskom electricity 29th September ; its 21 November and they have now demanded yet again a bank statement as well as said it is still going to take at least 6-8 weeks more (another 2 months?!) Unacceptable service

Nov 21, 2018

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