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So my resume was submitted to this company w/out my knowledge or consent. I was rather shocked when an offer came in for customer service. Since I had been unemployed since december, I took it, even though I had a really bad feeling about it. The temp agency made me jump through hoops, & still has not reimbursement my fees for notarizing my documents & for printing them off. Fast forward to june 13th 2016, my first day, training was nonexistent. Jane doe, our "trainer", felt the need to show us company handbook, then tell us, we're not able to get a copy. That equifax is a "paperless" company. That violates iowa law. After 3 days of "training" & 2 days of mock calls/real calls, we were thrown to the wolves. First day on the floor, my passwords didn't work. I spent the better part of 10-12 days sitting there doing nothing, bored. The management said that they are not on the best of terms with it & had no real idea when my credentials would work. Finally my credentials worked, so I was able to take calls. From then on, I was on a down hill slope. I begged for help from my so called supervisor & all she cared to do, was make food delivery orders online, look at housing, & travel arrangements. She also sat around, talking n bs'ing with her little friends, friends who are not management & have nothing said to them when they don't take any calls all day. I struggled with reading the script, verbatim. I begged for help with it, was told that they had to get permission out of atlanta for my help. Didn't make any sense to me. Jane doe would ignore my requests for help. My last day was pretty recent, a foreign gentleman called, rude & mean from the get go. He called me names, insulted my education; my training, everything. I had such a hard time telling this guy that its not his business; nor is he allowed to pull his own verification of employment &/or income. After he called me a f*ing b, my supervisor finally decided to come over & help me. She actually told him, I was poorly educated; poorly trained & that this was my first job ever. I was beyond shocked that this "manager" could say that!! This was the 4th time she had said that to a customer that I needed help with. How in the world is this right?!?!! Im sorry but thats a reflection of the poor management; poor training & lack of support these people provide. 2 days later I was informed that equifax had lost the funding for my position. I had an 18 month contract for this job, & only worked 1 month. The management brag about the high turnover rate, blaming the employees & their "lack of respect" for the rules. Theres no lack of respect for the rules, when they are not told what the rules are. My supervisor never bothered to help me, back me, or work with me in anyway. This place is beyond a joke.

Jul 16, 2016

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