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Equifax / gross incompetence in the handling of personal information

1 Ocala, FL, United States

On December 10th, 2017 I learned through Credit Karma that one of my credit cards had fraudulent charges on it, even though the card had been, and still is in my possession. I immediately notified and filed disputes with the credit card company, Equifax, Trans Union, and the FTC. Upon completing their investigation, the credit card company established that the charges were in fact fraudulent and issued a credit for the entire amount. They deactivated the card, and issued a replacement card. Shortly afterwards, Trans Union and Equifax removed the fraudulent charges from my report, and corrected my credit score. A week later, I went back on Credit Karma, and saw that ONLY Equifax had reapplied the Fraudulent charges back onto the replacement card, and dropped my score again. When I called Equifax, They told me that I now needed to file another dispute with them on the replacement card, and I did feeling totally frustrated. Once again, the charges eventually disappeared, and my credit score was once again corrected. Today, 03/16/18 I checked Credit Karma again, to find that Equifax had not only put the Fraudulent charges back on my report, but had also put charges back on another card that I had already payed off, and that they had previously had down as a zero balance. Once again I called them, and was told to file yet two more disputes. Ironically, after their infamous data breach in 2017, I was advised that I was among the millions whose personal information had been compromised. This has been an agonizing experience dealing with this one particular agency, and it is continuing to get worse.

  • Updated by John F King, Mar 16, 2018

    This issue with Equifax is now beyond the third month, and nothing has happened to correct the information, despite all of the disputes that they have me filing. Ironically, they may very well be responsible for creating this entire mess with their data breach.

Mar 16, 2018

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