epson xp-410 / ink consumption

Winter Springs, FL, United States

I thought I was making a good purchase for 69.00 on an Epson xp-410 printer. From what I read on box, It seemed to be just what I needed. So I grabbed it off of the self, made the purchase and off I went to hook it up! It was great! It did everything as stated, except for one little thing... I have never replaced so many ink cartridge's in my life. The description on the box should have included, Does not print many pages per ink replacement. It seems every other day another message pops up telling me the ink is low again. I hate it and want to throw the damned thing in the trash, but I need to get some of my money back. So I guess I'll be selling the thing on the web somewhere. I will go back to the brand that I had before and live with the guilt of passing this one on to someone else. Hopefully the buyer doesn't read this until after he buys it. It might be a printer that works out for you, but for my business, constantly replacing ink is an expensive time consuming pain in the... neck. Even writing this is a waste of my time. But I want to write it, to save you from making the same mistake. If you bought mine... there are no returns. You should have read my warning.

Sep 19, 2014

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