Epson Stylus TX120 / very bad product

Costa Rica

I recently purchased a new Epson TX120 stylus printer/scanner.
The local seller Guanacate Computers have already replaced the unit with a new one but the problem persists. Firstly the ink cartridges always run out quickly and you cannot even print in an alternate colour if you choose as the printer will not work if the indicator says one of the 4 cartridges is empty, which in fact it is usually not. although you cannot argue with the program and have to buy a cartridge, then no sooner than replacing said cartridge, another one will say it is also empty, , , which it is not, , , , and so on until you replace all 4 just to print . The paper feeder is terrible and constantly says there is a jam. or scraps the paper existing. and then the ink nozzles are constantly blocking up or needing cleaning, wasting further ink and paper in the process, , , I thought perhaps I got a bum machine but after replacing it at the store, have been told that everybody who has bought this model has the same problem.

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