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Entergy / Monopoly

1 Baton Rouge, LA, United States Review updated:

It all started in Dec. 08 when I recieved a disconnect notice for a total of $565. My avg utility bill is < $150/mnth. After waiting 45 min, the CSR told me that my bill for the month was about $180 and the rest was added on because of Hurricane Gustav. It appears that during the storm, they weren't able to read my meter and were now charging me for the difference since they underestimated my use. After informing me that there was no way I could break the payments up, i reluctantly paid $565 out of the last $1000 I had. I broke my ankle in Oct and haven't work since then. The $565 killed my already strained savings but I paid it. I receive my Jan bill, not disconnect notice, and it says that it is due Jan 6.
On Jan 7 my lights are turned off. I call and talk to a supervisor and explain that I never received a disconnect notice. He looks over my file and decides I'm right and issues a reconnect (after I pay additional $200). 3 days later, I receive new disconnect for Jan 21 and learn that a $750 deposit is now required. After wrestling with a team lead for about an hour, I learn that there is nothing i can do about it. I agreed to pay for whatever energy I used, i just wanted the $750 deposit waived because 1. I don't have it and 2. i s feel wronged. Of course they refused! I have no where else to turn!!! We need to break this unfair monopoly now. My business will have to close its doors as a result of something that was truly not my fault. I even explained my accident and the terrible timing of the Gustav debacle, but to no avail. Entergy has a grip on all of us and they have no interest in anything other than money. I would gladly pay more money to any company that competes with them if such a thing were allowed in our brave, free land. Thanks for letting me vent while i still have electricity.

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      29th of Jan, 2009
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    Get all your paperwork, check copies, etc together and call the office of your Public Works commissioner for your area. I had to do similar in the Northern part of Louisiana and they got right on it -and investigated the situation thoroughly. Don't hesitate to call these people -it is their job to make sure that these monopolies don't act like it sounds like they are acting with you!

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      9th of Oct, 2010
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    i am writing an complaint for monopaly the board game because my mom bought me and my sister us the game for 10 dollors and it did not com with all the properties

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      2nd of Jun, 2011
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    You too?! Entergy is NOT the type of company that is staffed with well spoken, educated people foremost. The customer reps answering phones are scared to answer your questions so you get transferred to a supervisor that answers " Yes, you wanted to talk to a supervisor?!!" I never in my life have heard anyone answer a company's phone like this, unhappy, uneducated supervisor did.

    Secondly, They are great for parties becuase it's always a surprise when I look at my bill each month. I just moved into a house so I'm thinking there are deposit, taxes and such. But my bill came for $452. Then shortly after bill for $351. I thought I'd go ahead and take care of these. When you make two payments within a few days after each other to pay off the next month's bill, WATCH OUT! I paid my current month's bill plus 70% of my next month's bill early, all within a few days apart. 2 weeks later, I recieved an email stating my account is past due. I called right way to find out what happened. Entergy told me because my second payment cleared first, and first payment still pending that amount was applied to next month's bill instead of the current month. You would think any payments recieved would apply to your current month's bill first and excess, the balance. Nooooo, they honestly forgot the customer service part when the company opened for business. Customer's are the only way, you can stay open for business.

    I scratched my head and asked the supervisor" Are you seriously telling me my next month's bill is paid but not my current months bill? I did not agree with that and anyone in their right mind would have saw that was not right! The uneducated supervisor had nothing else to say but repeat to me over and over and over and over and over the policies and how I could wake up tomorrow morning without lights if I dont pay the balance now.

    I gave her a few words in hopes the call was recorded for TRAINING purposes, yes, more supervisor, customer service, self-management life skills training is VERY MUCH NEEDED! It's very sad when the reps and supervisor are unaware of how far a nice greeting such as " Hi, my name is such and such, how can I help you? then make a comment such as" Let's take a look to see what CAN be done" when there's a mix-up or situation. Even if nothing can be done, professionalism goes a long way. I switched to a much better company because in the end, texas has the power to choose. A customer's trust and business is something earned by being there for those mix-ups and rough times NOT just by providing electric service alone! Entergy will loose their customer's shortly after they join. 4 others so far, keep posting yours here.

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